28 December 2010

America's Team No More

At the request of a very good friend of mine- this one is for K.  For many years when I was growing up, the Dallas Cowboys were known to be “America’s Team.”  With players like Dorsett, Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin, and Staubach they were a team that could come out on any given Sunday and beat anyone.  They were loved by many, cheered on by more, and were certainly a franchise that was paving the way for others.  Now, what are they?  They are a joke in the NFL for the most part who play their home games at a state of the art stadium designed to distract the fans from the fact they suck.  It’s sad really, when an NFL game on national TV spends more time talking about Tony Romo’s ex-girlfriends than they do the play of the team on the field.
So, if the Cowboys are no longer America’s team, who is?  One could argue it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers now, with their American Military attitude of never being scared of a fight, and running over people.  It’s exactly what they do, just like the good ole Red, White, and Blue blooded men and women serving do- the Steelers never shy away from the big stage, from the dog fight at and of the game, or from the gut wrenching loss to their foes.  But no, the Steelers are not America’s team either.
We can not forget 9/11 and how we were inspired, how were a country that came together as one- just like the Patriots did on their first Super Bowl victory.  Who could forget that, the team being introduced as a whole team, not individuals.  They were the underdogs in the fight, with not a chance in the world of winning, and they did- riding the arm of a quarterback not many outside of Michigan had heard of- Tom Brady.  Even so, the Patriots can’t be America’s Team, because America’s Team can’t have the celebrity girlfriends of their quarterback draw more attention than the team- and we all know how much attention Giselle gets, right?
So who else do we have?  The “Who Dat” Nation and the New Orleans Saints? Why? What have they done? They won one Super Bowl, a few years after their city was destroyed by a hurricane? What’s so special about that? They knew good and well they could be in harm’s way some day, kind of like people in who live at the base of a volcano know they are playing with fire.  Nope, sorry New Orleans, you’re not America’s Team either.
Sadly, America has changed so much.  From a country that used to be proud stand out from the rest, we laughed in the face of those who threatened us, to a country now that makes it legal to be illegal, a country that says everyone gets rights even those who don’t belong here, and while we’re at it- let’s give them medical care and charge the hard working men and women of the country. 
America’s Team will be a team built on hard working men, who know that it takes a lot to win, but don’t give up just because they lost a few games, then lost a few more, then lost a few more.  What better team to lead the nation of the Red, White, and Blue, than a team who’s colors have bleed blue for years? A team built tough, with a strong family line of owners, never sold, never given up on?
America’s Team is the Detroit Lions now.  Laugh if you will.  Detroit has long been known to be the Steel City, a city where Ford comes from. Ford Tough.  Detroit has songs written about the hard working men and women of the auto industry there.  America overcomes when She is down, just like Detroit did when the auto industry took a major hit a few years ago. Just like the Lions, the city never quits, even if the fight looks overwhelming.  The Lions might not be hoisting Lombardi trophies in the air each year, but the last time I checked, America doesn’t hoist trophies on the battlefield either.  We hoist the brave men and women who serve our country, we hoist their caskets, their memories, their sacrifices….. because they never gave up… and neither do the Lions.

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