30 December 2010

Chris Johnson Upset over Pro Bowl Snub

"I actually think my stock and value have gone up. If you look at the whole situation, my value hasn't gone down," Johnson said Wednesday. ... Johnson called his [Pro Bowl] exclusion "bogus" and said he thought he was a lock. "I know I am a victim of my own success. People expect me to rush for 2,000 yards every year."

Chris Johnson obviously is an idiot.  Who cares how many yards he rushes for?  Fans vote for the Pro Bowl- not the players.  What he fails to realize, fans remember his childish antics to the start the season, threatening not to play if he didn't get more money because he earned it with ONE GOOD season last year.  What did he do this year? NOT A DANG THING.  He didn't deserve to be in the Pro Bowl- fans want to see someone come out every week with a positive attitude, a winning attitude (even if they lose), and fans don't want to hear you need more money.  You make more money than the average fan will see in a lifetime, and you're telling us you're poor?  Get a clue.  Better luck next year.

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