27 December 2010

LeBron- can he ever get it right?

So, LeBron was eager to his high school boy fame on TV this summer.  He was eager for his 15 minutes of fame that all high school kids dream of... but he turned it in to a 1 hour fiasco.  All he did was turn himself in to a joke in the NBA.  Even Paul Pierce busted on LeBron when the Celtics went to Miami and won this season, saying he was glad to take his talent to South Beach, now on to Memphis. LOL.  Later on, he said, he handled it wrong, and if he had it to do over, he would have done it differently.  Yeah, right- SPOILED RICH KID.

Looks like LeBron is up to it again.  He comes out a few days ago, talks about how the NBA should contract- get rid of small market teams and scrub players, put all the good players on teams together and let them play.  He's been blasted by other people for saying it, even today, the Nets coach said the stars don't have to align.  Now, it appears LeBron wants another mulligan.  He released a statement today, saying he didn't mean it.  Can LeBron ever say and do something, and stand by it?  I mean seriously?  At least if you're going to be a man- act like one LeBron and stand by what you say and face the music for it.... stop trying to run from it, and stop hiding behind others for your mistakes.



  1. LeBron should stick to what he's good at . . . playing ball. It's almost like he's setting booby traps to frag himself routinely. He is singlehandedly destroying his image and marketability. Not saying he isn't marketable, that would be shortsighted, but it's not what it was. He needs someone to help him in this area and not buddies from high school who are his "yes men" instead of giving him solid guidance. We all need somebody to give us a reality check. My wife gives me mine. LeBron needs his person!

  2. Lebron just needs to just stick with playing ball. This fiasco that he created with the ESPN special "The Decision" will continue to hang off his head until he wins an NBA Championship. He needs to fire the people around him because they are giving him bad advice.