31 December 2010

Let's Go Bowling- New Year Style

Happy 2011 to everyone!

#16 Alabama and #9 Michigan State:
·         Alabama will Roll Tide through State, winning 21-17

#21 Mississippi State and Michigan
·         Denard Robinson will have 100 rushing yards, 250 passing yards but Mississippi State will win the game 37-31.

Florida and Penn St.
·         Florida will send Urban Meyer out on top.  Florida 27-10.

Rose Bowl, #3 TCU and #5 Wisconsin
·         TCU will come out firing, but Wisconsin will stand up and shut the door.  Wisconsin wins 47-35

Fiesta Bowl, #7 Oklahoma and Connecticut
Connecticut will figure out why everyone else thinks this is a joke.  Oklahoma 49, Connecticut 17.  They would better served asking the women’s basketball team to help out in this game.

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