27 December 2010

NCAA and the BCS

So by now, we all know that the NCAA and BCS have their hands so far in the cookie jars, they can't even deny it.  Who's ever heard of a rule that says you can be suspended for violating rules, but, you're eligible to play in postseason play?  Seriously?  Does the NCAA expect us to believe it's not playing favorites with Ohio State? If these so-called rules were fair, AJ Green wouldn't have been suspended at Georgia for 4 games this season, or otherwise, Cam Newton would have been ineligible all season.  Truth is, if the NCAA doesn't get paid, they won't let anyone else either.

Clearly, the NCAA has showed us what the NCAA stands for:  National Championships are Asset Attained.  If you have the assets, they have the championships.  The BCS is right there with them, in the Big Conference Salaries.  College sports are no longer an "amateur" sport- everyone is getting paid hand over fist- and they cry foul when the athletes do it.  If they wanted to be fair, MAKE IT FAIR.  Have playoffs, stop making fortunes on student athletes who don't get enough money for a haircut and a nice dinner out on a Friday night with their friends.

Let's just be honest, shall we.... the NCAA is clearly not living up to their creed... they are the pot calling the kettle black, the wolf in sheep's clothing, they are the problem with college sports.  If you're going to say players at Ohio State committed a violation- then rule fairly- They aren't allowed to play- PERIOD. 

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