28 December 2010

NFL MVP- who do you have?

As the last week of the NFL comes up on us, there’s a lot of chatter about who’s going to be the NFL’s MVP this season.  I’ve heard several analysts on ESPN saying that Tom Brady deserves, not Mike Vick.  They all say that Mike Vick should be given the “Comeback Player of the Year” award and not the MVP, because Brady does more with less.  Seriously?  Brady does more with less?  Are they idiots, or do they really believe what they are saying?  When’s the last time the Eagles won a Superbowl?  Last time I checked, Tom Brady has two Cadillacs in his garage as gifts for winning Superbowl MVP- and a third ring as well.  Mike Vick has his ring too, wait- that was an ankle bracelet- but it’s gone now.  There’s no way Brady does more with less.

Tom Brady has had targets from Deion Branch, Randy Moss for a short while, and Wes Welker this season, along with new additions Aaron Hernandez and Danny Woodhead along with running back BenJarvis Green-Ellis.  Who does Mike Vick have- DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy.  Jeremy Maclin is a good receiver to have- don’t get me wrong- but with only 890 yards so far on the season, he’s not beating anyone down the field.  Who really does more with less?

Let’s look further.  The Patriots rank 12th in the NFL for passing yards per game with 235.1 and the Eagles are 8th with 254.2 per game.  Rushing for the Eagles is 3rd with 149.7 where the Pats sit in 11th with a 119.5 per game average.  Defense is just as good for the Eagles with a 22nd passing yards per game at 227.1 and 9th rushing at 103.3 where the Pats are 30th overall in passing yards at 262.0 and 16th at rushing with 112.3.  Who’s doing more?  Still not convinced?

Keep in mind, Mike Vick missed a few games due to injury- but for the season he’s averaging 234.9 yards per game passing with a long of 91, 20 TDs and 5 INTs.  He’s been sacked 28 times too for a passing percentage of 63.2.  Brady has a passing percentage of 66, 34 TDs and 4 INT for 235.1 yards per game.  They are very close on passing yards per game, but Brady does beat Vick on TDs, but rushing the ball, Brady has 31 carries for 30 yards- mind numbing huh?  He’s a force in the backfield.  He has a long of 9 yards and 1 TD.  Vick has 92 carries for 613 yards rushing with an average for 6.7 per carry and a long of 35 with 8 TDs.  He’s also rushed for 35 first downs on the season.  Brady also has no 1000 yard receivers nor a 1000 yard rusher- Vick has both, a 1000 yard receiver in Jackson and a 1000 yard rusher in McCoy. 
Now, you’ve seen the FACTS.  You tell me, who’s doing more?  Who should be MVP?  My vote is Mike Vick for Comeback Player of the Year AND LEAGUE MVP.  Give Vick the credit he’s earned this year and stop stroking Tom Brady- his team has been this good every year since 2001.

I want to hear what you think- leave a comment and tell me- Vick, Brady, or someone else, and why?


  1. I think a case can be made for both men for MVP. Both men have had great seasons. One point needs to be made that Mike Vick was not suppose to be the starter. He took over due to injury and the ineffectiveness of Kevin Kolb. I think Vick should win the MVP award but dont be surprised if Brady wins it or Brady and Vick win co-MVP just like Peyton Manning and Steve McNair in 2003.

  2. First of all they can't justify NOT giving Vick the MVP just because they are going to give him the "comeback player of the year". If both are deserved then both should be given. If Brady wins then he won it because the Patriots were left for dead this year it turned out a great year for them, but that can't be what it is about. Vick and the Eagles won the biggest games of the season on the biggest stages and won the going away with Vick as the leader (NOT just the QB). I think that people are still trying to punish Vick for his past. Vick For MVP.

  3. It's not a coincidence that Vick starts with a "v" . . . VALUABLE! Michael Vick should be selected as the MVP. Without him, the Eagles would not be the force they are today. Point in case, the first half of the first game with Kevin Kolb this year.

  4. i would love to see anyone other than Tom Brady win the MVP... i'm not a fan of him or his team...

    however, Michael Vick has been impressive this season. he's been explosive and a joy to watch. even if he doesn't win the NFL's MVP... he is without a doubt the Eagle's MVP.