29 December 2010

To Rest Or Not To Rest?

So here we are, just a few days after Christmas and time for a new year to begin.  We’re also on the eve of the NFL Playoffs, and teams are beginning to take shape for the postseason.  As usual, the Lions and the Bills won’t be playing in the postseason, just like we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing- or not seeing.  However, teams like Philadelphia, New England and Chicago are in the post season, having locked up their spots already (seeding is still being determined though).  Now, if you’re a fan of these teams, and you would like to go see them play in the final week of the season, how do you feel about knowing the players you love to watch, and obviously going to see, may not be playing?  Teams like Philadelphia and Chicago are talking of sitting their stars in hopes of resting them for the postseason play. 
Do you has a fan support this practice?  Me, personally, I don’t like it, and I think any one wishing to start in the post season should be required to play 2 full quarters of football on the last week of the season.  Now, I’m not an owner of an NFL team, so I understand we see it different, but the fans are the ones who buy the tickets to the game, the fans are the ones who stand in lines in the pouring rain to buy tickets, gear, or get autographs of their favorite players.  Fans are the ones who subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket in order to see their favorite players make that amazing play that will certainly be on Sportscenter’s Top Plays.  It’s not the owners spending money on tickets, t-shirts, or stadium dogs to pay the players salary.  Fans pay the salary, fans pack the seats, and fans are the ones paying for that horrible outfit the owners buy for their wives.  So, I think the fans should be- scratch that- fans deserve to see their favorite players on the field for part of the game.

Why do I pay $300 for a ticket to see Chris Redman in Atlanta? Todd Collins in Chicago?  Brian Hoyer in New England? WHO THE HECK IS BRIAN HOYER?  Admit it- Brian Hoyer’s parents go to the game to see Tom Brady.  I’m not going to spend money to see second string players play- that’s just stupid. 

So, I want to hear it- how do you feel as fans?  Do you support your team’s choices in resting players, or do you want them to play and get your full dollar worth of them?


  1. no i do not... i'm a colts fan, and i remember when jim caldwell set out the starters for the last game of regular season when the team was undefeated.... and THEY LOST!!! that hurt, and it hurt bad.

  2. First of all, my team (Bengals) will not be resting any players this week. Second, if the NFL were to make a rule that would force regular starters to play in week 17 then they would have to do that for the other 16 weeks in my opinion. I DO NOT agree with sitting the players in the last week for the same reason; the fans paying the same money to see the game. On the other hand wouldn't you sacrifice watching the scrubs play in the last game to see your team in the playoffs the next. It is a tight rope walk on this subject.