17 September 2011

College Football Week 3- 2011

In an early season matchup of potential National Championship Contenders we have Florida State hosting Oklahoma.  Oklahoma comes in to the game with one of the current front runners for the Heisman Trophy in their starting QB- Landry Jones.  Many people are picking Jones to have a huge day with over 300 passing yards and 2 TDs.  Here’s what to watch for:
                Florida State was embarrassed last year again OU and this season Jimbo and the boys are ready and looking to avenge their loss.  Watch for Florida State’s defense to be firing on all cylinders as they attack the ball carriers and get after every pass.  Look for OU to try and establish a well-balanced running game to help open up their passing game.  On the FSU side, EJ Manuel wants to prove he belongs on the field with Jones so watch for him to get open and find his playmakers down the field.  FSU will also want to establish a running game in hopes of keeping the OU defense at bay.

PREDICTION:      Jones throws for 225 yards 2 TDs, 2 INTs.  Manuel will come up big with 280 yards 2 TDs, 1 INT.  FSU defense will stifle the OU offense in Tallahassee picking off 2 passes, and causing one fumble.

                FSU 24
                OU  21

                In an unusual move, Ohio State will travel out of conference, go on the road, and play a big-conference school in Miami (FL).  Ohio State comes in ranked 16th while Miami is unranked but the rankings won’t matter in this barnyard brawl.  Watch for a physical game, full of booster benefits, and high-dollar players.

                Ohio State is looking to prove they can win without the likes of Tressell and Pryor, and Miami is looking to show everyone they can play even in the face of scandals.  Miami will have Jacory Harris back at the helm of their offense and look for a huge day from the QB.  On the OSU side, they will be led by Joe Bauserman as they travel to southern Florida for this matchup. 

PREDICTION:      Ohio State is going to try and establish an offense that isn’t there.  With players still serving suspensions and other players eligibility still in question watch for Bauserman to struggle, throwing for 145 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT.  The rushing game will be missing as well, as their backs combine for 92 yards with 1 rushing TDs.  On the Miami side watch for Harris to ring up the offense and deliver with 312 yards through the air 3 TDs, and Lamar Miller to deliver on the ground with 88 rushing yards and 32 out of the backfield receiving.

                Miami  32
                OSU     20

Other Notable Games:

Tennessee on the road to the Swamp.
Urban Meyer still gets calls for the Gators- even when he's not coaching them.
                Florida      28
                Tennessee  27

Texas plays UCLA after a scare last week with BYU.
Texas is ready this week.
                Texas    31
                UCLA   17

Notre Dame is looking to stop the slide against Michigan State
                Notre Dame   20
                Michigan State 15

The luck runs out for Auburn fans.
                Clemson    28
                Auburn       26

11 September 2011

NFL Week 1- Projections and Thoughts

  WEEK 1: Projects and Thoughts

Starting with the buttercups:
Bengals and Browns- The Bungles will strike first, but the Browns will get the W.

                            Cleveland by 6.

Eagles and Rams- Mike Vick has reloaded on offense, got a new contract, and ready to show last season wasn't a fluke.

 Philly by 14

Lions and Buccaneers- Matt "China Doll" Stafford is back and ready to show he can stay healthy. Suh is ready to bring the hard hitting D.  Josh Freeman for the Bucs ready to show he's not a one-hit wonder.

 Lions by 5 in a high scoring, low defensive game.

Steelers and Ravens- In what's certain to be a hard hitting, very physical game in Baltimore, look for Baltimore to be ready on 9/11.

 Ravens by 2.

Lastly, Cowboys travel to NY to take on the Jets- The Cowboys are looking to show that last season was an oddity. The Jets are poised to make a playoff run and ready to show it.  On 9/11, NY won't be denied.

 Jets by 12.

31 July 2011

Old Faces in New Places

"Chad, can you teach me to twitter?"

Hello New York, I'm back!
With the NFL training camps rushing to start, teams courting prospective players on the free agency market, and veteran players showing whether they still got it or not, fans can only sit back and enjoy.  I know I am personally waiting to see the Detroit Lions take the field, as I think they are the team this season to watch, but that’s another story.  So far there’s been a few notable changes of address that stand out and could be key- of those I am going to pick on the wide receivers; Chad Ochocinco, Plaxico Burress, and AJ Green.  Yes, I’m aware AJ Green is only a rookie, but for this discussion we’re including him.

I learned this move on "Dancing with the Stars"
                Since 2001 when he was drafted out of Oregon State University, we’ve only seen Chad Ochocino lace it up for the Cincinnati Bengals, at times making us all stand up and shout “Oh no he didn’t!”  From his stylish antics, his blonde hair, and his twitter lifestyle, we have come to either love or hate Ocho.  So, let’s take a look at him a little deeper- He’s only played 2 full seasons in the last 4 seasons, his best receiving year for yards being 4 years ago with 1440 yards.  His most touchdowns came in 2003 with 10, and last season only had 4 touchdowns and 831 yards in 14 games played.  Ocho is moving on to New England to play with the Patriots and superstar, Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Tom Brady.  Tom is known for his ability to extend the field and make the plays to help his team win.  Will the addition of Ocho help Tom to get back to the Super Bowl?  Will Ocho buy in to the Bill Belichick system and just play football?  Or, will we hear Ocho on tv saying “Kiss the baby?”

"I just want to say, Mark has better hair than Eli"
                Plaxico Burress, the one time hero of a Super Bowl.  Out of Michigan State and spreading his time between Pittsburgh and the Giants, Plax stays in the New York area but joining the charging Jets and their Hollywood model to be, QB, Mark Sanchez.  It might be some people’s opinion that Mark would rather run around in his Calvin Kleins posing for pictures rather than he would playing football.  Will the addition of Plaxico help the Jets to get over the hurdle and reach the Super Bowl?  Plaxico last played in 2008, where he played in 10 games pulling down 4 touchdowns.  Prior to that in 2007 he pulled in 12 touchdowns and 70 catches for 1025 yards.  In his final two years on the field Plaxico did not commit a single fumble either.  Plaxico is coming back from a two-year hiatus due to being in prison.  Will Plaxico come back with the same hunger and desire as Mike Vick?

Hey Andy, don't get me killed with your passes
                Lastly AJ Green will be replacing the above mentioned Ochocinco in Cincinnati.  AJ is joining a hurting Bengals team who is currently without their once Pro Bowl Quarterback Carson Palmer.  AJ will be pulling in passes from TCU Rookie Andy Dalton, and we’re just not sure how this will go as of yet, but one can speculate.  AJ Green missed four games in his final season at Georgia, but was able to pull in 57 catches for 848 yards and 9 touchdowns.  His second highest receiving total in college and most touchdowns.  AJ is without question one of the most exciting young wideouts in the game, but with a rookie quarterback, will his talents be enough to make Bengals fans glad to see Ocho not on the field?  In 2010, against rival SEC Schools, AJ Green pulled in 6 catches for 96 yards against Tennessee, 9 catches for 184 against would-be National Champion Auburn Tigers (and 2 touchdowns).

                Looking forward to the upcoming season one can only be excited to see these three wide receivers lined up on the field, digging the routes, and cutting to the goal line as they pull down amazing touch down grabs.  Here’s my predictions on how these three will perform this season:

1)      Chad Ochocinco – 14 games played, 88 receptions, 1082 yards, 14 touchdowns
2)      Plaxico Burress – 16 games played, 93 receptions, 1001 yards, 9 touchdowns
3)      AJ Green, 16 games played, 79 receptions, 884 yards, 10 touchdowns
The future of the Bengals rest on a couple of rookies.

Look Chad, I got my first twitter stalker

Ocho will have the luxury of Tom Brady throwing him perfect passes, Plax will have 2 years of rest to pull energy from, and AJ will show us the future looks bright in Cincinnati for fans.  In the end though, it’s all about Wins and Losses, so:

 PREDICTION: Plaxico Burress will be the Comeback Player of the Year, starting a trend for ex-cons, and following Mike Vick.

 New England -- 14-2 (First Round Bye in Playoffs)
 New York Jets – 12-4 (Home-field advantage in First Round of Playoffs)
 Cincinnati – 9-7 (misses the playoffs).

2010 NFL Comeback Player of the Year

2011 NFL Comeback Player of the Year?

30 July 2011

When is leading by example a positive action?


Answer:  When you are the historic Bungles- I mean, Bengals.

For years I’ve always said that when it comes down to it, players in professional sports are spoiled.  I have felt they forget sometimes that are in fact paid to live a flashy, elegant lifestyle, to play a kid’s game.  Do you remember the chilly Friday nights, crowded in the bleachers of your high school football field to cheer on your classmates?  You’re a junior, and the quarterback under center is the sophomore kid in your AP Biology class that doesn’t talk a lot?  Remember seeing him make that pump fake to draw the DB in just so he could throw over the top to the cutting wideout for the 62 yard touchdown pass to win the game?  We all have stories of the “good ole days” when football was just a game, a game we loved to watch, we loved to play, and at the end of the night when the lights were out, we didn’t get paid to play it.  Now, fast forward to today, we’re grown up and for most of us, we have a job where we count hours, record our time, and at the end of the month look at our pay checks and wonder where it all goes?  There are a few that are more fortunate than those of us, they are professional athletes- the men (and women) who are paid to play a game they we love.  Whether it’s Kobe Bryant from the Lakers, Albert Pujols from the Cardinals, or Peyton Manning from the Colts these athletes are the names we cheer for every time they are on the television.  These athletes who, truth be told, have never had to work a single day in their entire lives, get paid millions of dollars to work, err- play a game for what?  Football- 16 Sundays.  That’s 16 hours of work and they millions of dollar.  Basketball 82 games.  65.5 hours of work.  Wow- almost three full days out of a whole year.

Will we see Palmer throwing to AJ Green?
Seriously though, for years I’ve always wished someone would stand up to these prima donnas and put them in their places.  Does it ever happen?  No, cause at the end of the day it comes down to money for the owners as much as it does the players.  Well, enter Mike Brown, Owner and GM of the Cincinnati Bengals.  He grew up cutting his teeth on pro Football, son of the legendary Paul Brown.  He’s quickly becoming, what I like to call the outlaw, of the NFL.  Four years ago when Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson wanted to be traded and demanded it, he didn’t give in.  He simply said to the fans that Chad had a contract and would fulfill it.  Now, here we are again, familiar script with his once Pro Bowl Quarterback Carson Palmer- a QB I might add that I actually like to watch play.  Carson makes the demand to be traded or he will retire, forcing the hand of owner Mike Brown.  Well, we all know, any owner in his right mind would trade the QB rather than risk losing everything if he did in fact retire.  What does Mike Brown do?  Tells Carson to enjoy retirement!  How can you not applaud this?

Now, I understand- “IT’S A BUSINESS JOEY, AND THE PLAYERS ARE LOOKING OUT FOR THEMSELVES.”  Yeah?  You think so?  OK, go play in a pool of acid if you think that.  Carson is set to make 11.5 million dollars this season for 16 hours of work!  Tell me it’s about business now.  I’ll clean toilets for 11.5 million dollars.  Personally, I stand up and cheer for Mike Brown of the Bengals.  I understand that in the end, a team can cut a player who is under contract, voiding the contract and essentially leaving the player without a job.  SO?  How much money did that player make last season?  11.5 million dollars?  I’m sorry- I feel no sympathy for him.  I bust my tail, 40 hours a week getting up early and working long hours so be able to help support my family, while this spoiled superstar drives around in luxury cars, wearing designer clothes, and still has no idea what hard times are?  Forget it- I’ll never feel sorry for an athlete who loses their job when they whine and cry about things like this.  Won’t happen.  Let him get a real job, where he has to work 2080 hours a year, punching a time sheet.

Anyways, moving on- I think owners do need to start holding players to their contracts.  If a player wants more leverage, work an “early-out” clause in the contract.  Players are catered to so much anyways, that it’s crazy at the end of the day they get to hold out for more money, trades, or whatever else they want.  These guys needs to be grateful for the lavish lifestyle they have, and remember the game might be a “kid’s game,” but they don’t have to act like kids.
They say the Captain goes down with the ship?  Not this one.

Carson Palmer, shut up and play football.  Honor your contract or enjoy the retired life.  Kudos to Mr. Mike Brown for showing us that there still needs to be a little honor in your word.

03 February 2011

Super Slugfest, Super Bowl Style

Can Clay Matthews stop the Steelers?
In every sport there are those teams that everyone dreads to play, they know are the more physical teams, the more prepared, the most seasoned, or the most versatile team.  This year, the NFL is bringing two of these titans to the table for the Super Bowl.  In what could shape up to be one of the best Super Bowls in recent years, there will be two teams taking the field that are both very strong on offense, but both are defense orientated teams.  Pittsburgh brings in an “old school” style defense that will hit you, hit you, and hit you again.  Right when you think the hits are going to stop, you get hit again.  Their defense is known around the league for how hard they hit, how they hit, and the ferociousness of their hits.  Green Bay brings in the “working man’s” defense, led behind last year’s NFL defensive player of the year, Charles Woodson, the Packers are no slack on defense either.  All-Pro Clay Matthews is one of the league’s best at stopping the ball, whether it’s a runner, receiver, or the quarterback.

Will the Steelers add number 7?
Pittsburgh is not in unfamiliar waters with the Super Bowl, having won 2 in the last six years already, and having several guys who are going for their third ring together.  This is the same team that before the season started were told they couldn’t win without Ben Roethlisberger, and went on to prove critics wrong.  With a season filled of news surrounding James Harrison and his bone rattling hits, the Steelers have managed to run through the playoffs enroute to a date with the Packers.

The Packers come in as the team with no experience, nothing to pull from other than history, and yet, no one is doubting their right to be there.  Green Bay comes in, being led by a gunslinging quarterback who silences every team in his way- no, it’s not Brett Favre, it’s Aaron Rodgers.  Displaying his borrowed signature championship belt move, Rodgers is firing on all cylinders as he leads the Packers in to Dallas for their date with history.

Green Bay once had cheerleaders

Things you won’t see in this game…. Jerome Bettis busting through the line or Brett Favre running down the field with his finger held high.  You also will not see any cheerleaders on the sidelines, as these two teams neither have cheerleaders, giving us the first Super Bowl in the 45 year history to put two teams without cheerleaders on the field.
The long forgotten Steelerettes


The Packers need to get to Big Ben
For Green Bay to be successful on defense, they will have to keep Ben Roethlisberger in the pocket and not let him get out and run.  The Steelers are going to look to find Mike Wallace deep down field, so the Packers will have to be able to match up one on one with their defense keeping guys like AJ Hawk and Matthews free to spying on the Big Ben.  On offense, Rodgers has been deadly lately, connecting on almost every pass he throws, and keeping them in places where only his guys can catch them.  Rodgers can beat you with his legs too, if you let him.  Look for him to get out and run when needed, and watch for his pin point passing has he drops passes in places where the defense can’t get them.  Don’t expect to Rodgers force many passes, instead he’ll find the open man, or he’ll throw it away.

Can Ben join the list of QBs to win 3 Super Bowls?
On Pittsburgh’s side of the ball, watch for Roethlisberger to use the running game from Mendenhall to set up passes down the field.  Big Ben will scramble as needed to help get free, which is when he is at his best.  Green Bay will bring different looks to try and force him to make mistakes, but Roethlisberger is poised in the pocket and will be patient.  On defense, watch for the Steelers to mix up their calls and show disguises to Rodgers since he’s one of the best at picking up defenses on the line.  Watch for Harrison to get lose and unload on Rodgers in the backfield if he’s not blocked at all times, and if Rodgers doesn’t pick him up at the line on every play.

The game will come down to the play of the quarterbacks and their ability to read the defenses.  Roethlisberger has been saved a few games this season by his defense, but in this game, that won’t be enough.  Watch for a slug fest out the gate, as each team battles for field position before they punt.  It will be a low scoring first half of football, which will favor the Steelers going in to the second half.  In the third quarters Aaron Rodgers will take the game by the reigns and settle in to a groove, leading the Packers in to the lead and win.
Aaron Rodgers has been flying high as of late,
watch for him to continue in the Super Bowl.

Green Bay           24
Pittsburgh            20

01 February 2011

Remember Where You Came From

I work a job that isn’t dependent upon anyone knowing my name, asking for my signature for anything other than my mail pick up, and there’s never hoards of people waiting for me to walk out of the building to mob me for pictures, autographs, or anything I own.  Yet, I wake up and walk to the shower like so many other famous people do- with one foot in front of the other, with arms over my head as I yawn and groan the whole way.  I put my socks on, pants on, and even my shirt, just like they do, they don’t have some magical power to do it with.  My paycheck is dependent upon the work I do, the performance in which I do my job with, and the knowledge I have for my field.  Have you ever heard of me? No.  Probably not, unless we’re friends.

So, how is it different for a professional athlete then?  Guys like Aaron Rodgers, Albert Belle, Barry Bonds, Kevin Garnett, and so many others make their living off of us.  If you think these guys get paid to play a sport because they are good at the sport, that’s wrong.  These guys get paid because they put butts in seats, sell merchandise, tickets, and memorabilia.  Oh yeah, they are good at their sports too- but it takes a lot more than just being good at your sport to get paid.  If we, as fans, boycotted the NFL, NBA, MLB, or any other professional sport, for an entire season, said we aren’t going to watch it, attend it, or buy anything to do with it, what would happen?  Imagine the fall out when Peyton Manning takes the field in Indianapolis, not a person in the stands, no tickets sold.  Imagine SportsCenter airing the highlights to a viewing audience of 12.  Quickly, the NFL would go from a billion dollar industry to the XFL- a lost sport that no one cares about anymore.

So, if I were to tell you, that I would pay you $10,000,000/year to entertain the crowd, get the fans hyped up, and all you had to do was play a sport for me to watch- would you do it?  Honestly, it’s that simple- yet we so many athletes who forget this, and they bite the hands that feed them.  Barry Bonds would told kids he wouldn’t sign autographs for them because he wasn’t sure if they were going to keep it, or sale it.  He said it wasn’t right for them to make money on his signature.  Excuse me?  So what a 12 year old little boy wants to make $50 on your name? You make $500,000 per game- what is $50 to you?  What about Albert Belle, he told people he wouldn’t sign autographs in Baltimore as a member of the Orioles, unless he was booked for a show and got paid to do so.  Umm, excuse me pompous, you do get paid!  LOOK AT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT FOOL.  Are you flippin’ kidding me? 

Most recently, Kevin Garnett, of the Boston Celtics, a member of a storied franchise, rich in tradition, history, and heritage, mouthed off to a ball-boy in Los Angeles when asked for his autograph.

            “You’ve got a better chance of catching Bin Laden”

Seriously? KG, after the life you’ve lived, the years you spent in Minnesota, wishing you could be on a winning team, a team that meant something, and now here you are, standing toe to toe with a fan, in a rival city, asking for your autograph, and you’re going to act like this?  This makes me sad to even say I’m a Celtics fan.  How fast they forget as athletes, living the gravy train life, that their so-called life could end to exist in the way they know it, if we as fans stopped cheering, stopped buying their jerseys, chanting their names, or anything else.  Maybe they should be asking for our autographs, thanking us for what we do- we make them who they are, we pay their salaries, and we provide the lifestyles they have become accustomed to.  Why not stop for 30 minutes, and sign a few autographs for the people who gave you this lifestyle.  All they are asking for is your signature, the same name you’ve signed your whole life.  No one is asking you to play a pickup game after, no one is asking you to come down to the local Y and school some punks, and no one is asking you over for family dinner on Sunday- they are simply asking for 20 seconds of your time to sign your name, most of them having spent hours of their time to get in line, buy a ticket to see you, spend the money on the ball they want signed, and wait anxiously for that moment to see you- so don’t be a jerk.

It was reported, that as a member of the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan would be seen for hours on end in malls around Chicago signing autographs for fans as they passed by.  He wasn't paid to do it, he did it to repay them for their support.  He had SIX NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS, ONE GOLD MEDAL FROM THE OLYMPICS, an NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, and his NBA Jersey retired in 3 cities, only one of which he played for.  I don't see anyone retiring Kevin Garnett's jersey, let alone teams he never played for.  Players could stand to learn from Jordan, he's still teaching today how to be a better player.

29 January 2011

From Bad - To Badder

We all know, that in the sports world, there comes along a team that just makes a record breaking run, whether it’s the Connecticut Huskies women team breaking the UCLA Bruins consecutive win streak, whether it’s Michael Jordan’s led Chicago Bulls and their 72-10 NBA run on the way to the NBA Championship.  However, on the flip side of all these great streaks have a dark side, a record no one wants to think about- let alone own.

This season, the NBA is currently working on 2 streaks that neither team wants to lay claim to, but they do in fact own.  The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Wizards both have losing streaks that are different, but very close.  Cleveland is currently owner of a 19 game losing streak, starting on December 20th, 2010 with a loss to the Utah Jazz.  Washington currently is owner of the longest road losing streak in the NBA, with the streak at 22.  These two teams are both eager to break this streak; end the woes, the constant chatter in the media and tabloids.  Which streak will end first?

Well, we may not need to look to far, because these two teams have a date with one another on Sunday February 14th, in Cleveland.  Can Cleveland snap their losing streak before this game? With games coming up against Miami, Indiana, Memphis, Portland, Dallas, Detroit, and the LA Clippers, there are not many chances for the Cavs to stop the bleeding.  For Washington they have upcoming road games against Memphis, Dallas, and New Orleans before the two meet on a monumental platform.  Will Cleveland stop the bleeding?  Will Washington pick up a road win before flying in to Cleveland? Will either of these two teams break the current records for the respective losing streaks?

21 January 2011

Just A Good Ole Fashioned Fist Fight

With two Super Bowl rings, is
Ben Roethlisberger underrated?
When we talk about the best quarterbacks in the AFC, we always say the same two, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  If someone says, ok, outside of those two, who you got in the rest of the NFL? Drew Brees is often the answer.  If you keep going down the list, people will even now say Mike Vick again.  Who don’t you hear them say? Ben Roethlisberger.  If you take all of Ben’s off-field problems out of the equation, what’s not to like about his play on the field? Honestly, who’s better on the field of play in the last decade? Last decade and a half? With the exception of Tom Brady, no one has been more successful in the last 10-15 years of the NFL.  I know, Peyton Manning has 4 regular season MVPs, so what? Ask Peyton what he’d prefer, 4 MVPs, or one more Super Bowl ring? He’ll give you his MVPs, and raise you one Pro Bowl MVP as well.  All of that said, Mark Sanchez has been slaying quarterbacks the last two weeks- first taking down the golden boy himself, Peyton Manning. Last week Sanchez and his band of road warriors went in to Foxboro to down Justin Beiber, err, I mean Tom Brady.  Sanchez has been poised the last two weeks, beating two previous Super Bowl MVP winning quarterbacks.
Watch for the Steelers defense to get
after Sanchez

This week, erase the slates, forget the records, and erase everything you know from their pasts, because the Steelers and Jets players won’t be thinking about how many rings Big Ben has, or how many Head and Shoulder commercials Troy Polamalu has been in.  They are going to have just one thing on their minds- THE SUPER BOWL.

In what promises to be a battle from the opening kick off, anything is possible.  In order for the Steelers to win they are going to need their offensive line to give Big Ben time in the pocket.  The Jets compiled five sacks last week on Tom Brady, and if the Steelers let them get free on Ben, it could spell disaster in the end.  Shore up the line and keep the defense off Ben is key.  Secondly, Pittsburgh needs to connect on some pass plays down the middle and down the field.  With four receivers capable of taking it to the house being led by Mike Wallace and his 60 yard average per touchdown this season, watch for the Jets to try and shut this down.  The Steelers are going to need to get their running game going in order to free up Wallace, Hines Ward, and the others if they have a shot to connect for a big play.
Polamalu could be the wildcard

The Jets know they have a ferocious defense staring them square in the eyes.  With the hitmaster James Harrison on the other side of the ball, the Jets will need to keep the beasts at bay if they want to give Sanchez time to find anyone who’s open.  If you blink at the wrong time, Harrison is around you, or Polamalu is leaping over the line to sack the quarterback.  The Jets will need a strong performance from their two headed running back monster of LaDanian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene in order to keep that stingy defense at rest.  The Jets put up more yards on the Steelers earlier in the season than anyone else the entire year.  Watch for Sanchez to set up some passes with rushing plays and play-actions.  Look for Braylon Edwards early, and often in this matchup with Santonio Holmes getting free for some much needed plays down the field as well.

This game will come down to inches and key play calling.  At the final horn, what we’ll see is that the Steelers have just a little too much for the Jets this season.  Experience wins out.
The President's picks are in- Steelers Win.

Steelers 20
Jets       18

20 January 2011

Amar'e's Education Moment

Amar'e tweeted to teenage girls everywhere.: "Ladies, keep them legs close, and them books open. I'm telling yall this because I care. Wehave to become a smarter generation"

NFC Championship Forecast

With the Conference Championship games just a few days away, let’s look ahead to the NFC Championship game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.  In what could shape up to be one of the best NFC Championship games in recent years, this game has it all.  The Packers come in to the game having won the most recent matchup with the Bears in Week 17, after losing in Week 3 to the Bears.  This is the rematch, winner take all, leave no man standing, and the fat lady will sing at the end.
President Obama changed his pick from the
Chicago Bears to the Green Bay Packers
after realized how bad Cutler sucks.

For the Bears, their keys to success will be simple:  First, they can not let Aaron Rodgers get outside the pocket and run.  They are going to have to force him to stay within the pocket and try to complete passes down the field, but the dangerous part is, he’s been deadly the last few weeks.  They Bears will have to send different packages after Rodgers hoping to keep him on his toes enough that their defensive backs and matchup.  Secondly, the Bears need a big day Greg Olsen at Tight End.  Olsen lit up the Seahawks for 3 catches with 113 yards and 1 touchdown.  If the Bears are to hope to have a chance, they need Olsen to bring his A game and big boy skills to the game on Sunday.

Now, for the Packers.  The Pack need DT B.J. Raji to man up this week on the Bears tough interior offensive linemen.  He can’t let the Bears block him or chip him, and he is going to need to be on the field the entire game.  The Packers also need to get Cutler early, and often, to get him rattled in to making some of the Cutler errors we know he’s capable of.  Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson need to be ready to mix it up on blitzes and coverage as they try to rattle Cutler. 

Julius Pepper could be the wild card in the game, if the Bears can get him free a few times, he could record his first sack of Aaron Rodgers on the season as he didn’t have one in either of the two previous matchups.  Watch for Chad Clifton to do everything he can on Peppers, and if Clifton is successful, watch for Peppers to move to the right side to try and get freed up.

In the end, Green Bay is firing on all cylinders and riding high.  Watch for a defensive game for the most part but big plays in between.

Chicago Bears Defense practicing hard for the upcoming
matchup with the Packers.

Green Bay         20
Chicago            17


14 January 2011

Tweet This!

Whoa- I guess that karma really does come around in the NBA.  Me, personally, I don’t really dig the whole karma thing, but I guess some people do- such as the people’s favorite NBA superbaby, LeBron James. 
Mr. James himself, showing up, wearing two different shoes,
 and trying to look like he knows what's going on.

He tweeted over Cleveland shellacking at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers earlier in the week, when they were beat down by over 50 points.  That’s right, a Cleveland team that is struggling, in the bottom of the Eastern Conference was beaten by the reigning 2-time champion Lakers.  So?  Big flipping deal.  Who cares, honestly?  Cleveland shouldn’t have been able to win that game.  Honestly. 

Now, Miami on the other hand, has 3 future possible hall-of-famers, 3 all-stars, and 3 of the best players in the game today, all on their team.  Even when one of them is out, they are still better than most of the league.  How is then, that this super team, jampacked with egos, G5s, and karma goes in to Denver, to a team in turmoil as they try to hold on to their superstar- AND GET BEAT DOWN?  Seriously?  The Heat got shellshocked last night by the Nuggets, 130-102.  Now, it’s not 50 point win, but 28 points over the high paid, low scoring Heat team is noteworthy, especially when you think about the fact LeBron in his mature ways, had to tweet over Cleveland’s beating.

Miami's new 3 is more exciting than the first 3.
I double checked this morning, Bro-Bro didn’t tweet it last night either.  Why LeBron?  Afraid of what your adoring fans in Cleveland would say?  Or did karma get your tongue?  Maybe next team a team gets beaten, you’ll be an adult and shut your pie hole. 

13 January 2011

The King of Crying

There comes a time in our life, when we have to stop being childish, grow up, and be an adult.  We no longer go around acting like childish high schoolers, talking about people behind their backs, or telling repeated lies for no reason.  These times usually come after we’re out of high school and get out on our own in the “real life.”  Some of us, it comes earlier, and some later.

There are some people though, who never get it.  They enjoy saying things, then back peddling and saying they didn’t say it, or doing something and saying they meant another.  There are few times in the sports world, when a press conference is more exciting than the sport itself.  Remember the college football coach who said, “attack me, I’m a man?”  Oklahoma State if I do recall, or Allen Iverson, “Practice.  We’re talking about practice.”  Most people only draw that attention to themselves once, however, our neighborhood immature child, LeBron James does it on a regular basis. 

He had “The Decision” and humiliated the city of Cleveland on National Television.  Then down the road said he would have handled it different.  Not admitting what he did was wrong, he said the reason everyone was upset was racial.  It wasn’t racial- it was HATE.  Then he did the commercial to say he didn’t make choices for what “you” wanted him to do.  No, he makes choices like a child, and tries to pretend like we don’t realize how immature he is.  No one would have been as critical of LeBron if he came out and said he was leaving Cleveland like a man, then announce is was going to Miami. 

Now, the latest is his so-called tweets he didn’t tweet.  If you haven’t seen them, he sent these after the Cavs lost by 57 points to the Lakers in Los Angeles recently. 
Midway through the fourth quarter, he tweets this:
"Man, ****abuncha Dan Gilberts."
Or, this:
"That team has done nothing but talk s*** about me all year. Hope they're enjoying this."
Or, this:
"I should be nice about it, but this feels good. I don't care. This is who I had to play with last year."
Or, this:
"Suck it, @cavsdan."

And lastly:
"Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!"

All of this would have been fine, had LeBron been a man about it stood up and said “Yes, You’re dang right I sent those tweets.  And I’m proud of it.”  But now, alas, LeBron is the spoiled little rich kid we all know he is, he has to release a statement that says:
"It was just how I was feeling at the time. It wasn't even a comment from me, it was someone who sent it to me and I sent it out. It wasn't no hit at that franchise, no hit at that team, especially those players at all. I've moved on. I don't think it was no intent at all. Everyone looks into everything that I say. Everybody looked too far into it."

LeBron getting dunked on at his camp by a college player from Xavier.  NIKE tried to hide these from making the news.
Sorry Queenie, you’re no King anymore, and no one looked too far in to anything…. They read exactly what you wrote, took it for what it was- you’re shallow attempt at getting a jab back at the franchise you once played for.  Grow up and get a freaking spine dude, and stop being one way, then back peddling to be another.  Say something publically, and STICK WITH IT.  Stop flip flopping all the dang time you freaking cry baby.