29 January 2011

From Bad - To Badder

We all know, that in the sports world, there comes along a team that just makes a record breaking run, whether it’s the Connecticut Huskies women team breaking the UCLA Bruins consecutive win streak, whether it’s Michael Jordan’s led Chicago Bulls and their 72-10 NBA run on the way to the NBA Championship.  However, on the flip side of all these great streaks have a dark side, a record no one wants to think about- let alone own.

This season, the NBA is currently working on 2 streaks that neither team wants to lay claim to, but they do in fact own.  The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Wizards both have losing streaks that are different, but very close.  Cleveland is currently owner of a 19 game losing streak, starting on December 20th, 2010 with a loss to the Utah Jazz.  Washington currently is owner of the longest road losing streak in the NBA, with the streak at 22.  These two teams are both eager to break this streak; end the woes, the constant chatter in the media and tabloids.  Which streak will end first?

Well, we may not need to look to far, because these two teams have a date with one another on Sunday February 14th, in Cleveland.  Can Cleveland snap their losing streak before this game? With games coming up against Miami, Indiana, Memphis, Portland, Dallas, Detroit, and the LA Clippers, there are not many chances for the Cavs to stop the bleeding.  For Washington they have upcoming road games against Memphis, Dallas, and New Orleans before the two meet on a monumental platform.  Will Cleveland stop the bleeding?  Will Washington pick up a road win before flying in to Cleveland? Will either of these two teams break the current records for the respective losing streaks?

21 January 2011

Just A Good Ole Fashioned Fist Fight

With two Super Bowl rings, is
Ben Roethlisberger underrated?
When we talk about the best quarterbacks in the AFC, we always say the same two, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  If someone says, ok, outside of those two, who you got in the rest of the NFL? Drew Brees is often the answer.  If you keep going down the list, people will even now say Mike Vick again.  Who don’t you hear them say? Ben Roethlisberger.  If you take all of Ben’s off-field problems out of the equation, what’s not to like about his play on the field? Honestly, who’s better on the field of play in the last decade? Last decade and a half? With the exception of Tom Brady, no one has been more successful in the last 10-15 years of the NFL.  I know, Peyton Manning has 4 regular season MVPs, so what? Ask Peyton what he’d prefer, 4 MVPs, or one more Super Bowl ring? He’ll give you his MVPs, and raise you one Pro Bowl MVP as well.  All of that said, Mark Sanchez has been slaying quarterbacks the last two weeks- first taking down the golden boy himself, Peyton Manning. Last week Sanchez and his band of road warriors went in to Foxboro to down Justin Beiber, err, I mean Tom Brady.  Sanchez has been poised the last two weeks, beating two previous Super Bowl MVP winning quarterbacks.
Watch for the Steelers defense to get
after Sanchez

This week, erase the slates, forget the records, and erase everything you know from their pasts, because the Steelers and Jets players won’t be thinking about how many rings Big Ben has, or how many Head and Shoulder commercials Troy Polamalu has been in.  They are going to have just one thing on their minds- THE SUPER BOWL.

In what promises to be a battle from the opening kick off, anything is possible.  In order for the Steelers to win they are going to need their offensive line to give Big Ben time in the pocket.  The Jets compiled five sacks last week on Tom Brady, and if the Steelers let them get free on Ben, it could spell disaster in the end.  Shore up the line and keep the defense off Ben is key.  Secondly, Pittsburgh needs to connect on some pass plays down the middle and down the field.  With four receivers capable of taking it to the house being led by Mike Wallace and his 60 yard average per touchdown this season, watch for the Jets to try and shut this down.  The Steelers are going to need to get their running game going in order to free up Wallace, Hines Ward, and the others if they have a shot to connect for a big play.
Polamalu could be the wildcard

The Jets know they have a ferocious defense staring them square in the eyes.  With the hitmaster James Harrison on the other side of the ball, the Jets will need to keep the beasts at bay if they want to give Sanchez time to find anyone who’s open.  If you blink at the wrong time, Harrison is around you, or Polamalu is leaping over the line to sack the quarterback.  The Jets will need a strong performance from their two headed running back monster of LaDanian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene in order to keep that stingy defense at rest.  The Jets put up more yards on the Steelers earlier in the season than anyone else the entire year.  Watch for Sanchez to set up some passes with rushing plays and play-actions.  Look for Braylon Edwards early, and often in this matchup with Santonio Holmes getting free for some much needed plays down the field as well.

This game will come down to inches and key play calling.  At the final horn, what we’ll see is that the Steelers have just a little too much for the Jets this season.  Experience wins out.
The President's picks are in- Steelers Win.

Steelers 20
Jets       18

20 January 2011

Amar'e's Education Moment

Amar'e tweeted to teenage girls everywhere.: "Ladies, keep them legs close, and them books open. I'm telling yall this because I care. Wehave to become a smarter generation"

NFC Championship Forecast

With the Conference Championship games just a few days away, let’s look ahead to the NFC Championship game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.  In what could shape up to be one of the best NFC Championship games in recent years, this game has it all.  The Packers come in to the game having won the most recent matchup with the Bears in Week 17, after losing in Week 3 to the Bears.  This is the rematch, winner take all, leave no man standing, and the fat lady will sing at the end.
President Obama changed his pick from the
Chicago Bears to the Green Bay Packers
after realized how bad Cutler sucks.

For the Bears, their keys to success will be simple:  First, they can not let Aaron Rodgers get outside the pocket and run.  They are going to have to force him to stay within the pocket and try to complete passes down the field, but the dangerous part is, he’s been deadly the last few weeks.  They Bears will have to send different packages after Rodgers hoping to keep him on his toes enough that their defensive backs and matchup.  Secondly, the Bears need a big day Greg Olsen at Tight End.  Olsen lit up the Seahawks for 3 catches with 113 yards and 1 touchdown.  If the Bears are to hope to have a chance, they need Olsen to bring his A game and big boy skills to the game on Sunday.

Now, for the Packers.  The Pack need DT B.J. Raji to man up this week on the Bears tough interior offensive linemen.  He can’t let the Bears block him or chip him, and he is going to need to be on the field the entire game.  The Packers also need to get Cutler early, and often, to get him rattled in to making some of the Cutler errors we know he’s capable of.  Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson need to be ready to mix it up on blitzes and coverage as they try to rattle Cutler. 

Julius Pepper could be the wild card in the game, if the Bears can get him free a few times, he could record his first sack of Aaron Rodgers on the season as he didn’t have one in either of the two previous matchups.  Watch for Chad Clifton to do everything he can on Peppers, and if Clifton is successful, watch for Peppers to move to the right side to try and get freed up.

In the end, Green Bay is firing on all cylinders and riding high.  Watch for a defensive game for the most part but big plays in between.

Chicago Bears Defense practicing hard for the upcoming
matchup with the Packers.

Green Bay         20
Chicago            17


14 January 2011

Tweet This!

Whoa- I guess that karma really does come around in the NBA.  Me, personally, I don’t really dig the whole karma thing, but I guess some people do- such as the people’s favorite NBA superbaby, LeBron James. 
Mr. James himself, showing up, wearing two different shoes,
 and trying to look like he knows what's going on.

He tweeted over Cleveland shellacking at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers earlier in the week, when they were beat down by over 50 points.  That’s right, a Cleveland team that is struggling, in the bottom of the Eastern Conference was beaten by the reigning 2-time champion Lakers.  So?  Big flipping deal.  Who cares, honestly?  Cleveland shouldn’t have been able to win that game.  Honestly. 

Now, Miami on the other hand, has 3 future possible hall-of-famers, 3 all-stars, and 3 of the best players in the game today, all on their team.  Even when one of them is out, they are still better than most of the league.  How is then, that this super team, jampacked with egos, G5s, and karma goes in to Denver, to a team in turmoil as they try to hold on to their superstar- AND GET BEAT DOWN?  Seriously?  The Heat got shellshocked last night by the Nuggets, 130-102.  Now, it’s not 50 point win, but 28 points over the high paid, low scoring Heat team is noteworthy, especially when you think about the fact LeBron in his mature ways, had to tweet over Cleveland’s beating.

Miami's new 3 is more exciting than the first 3.
I double checked this morning, Bro-Bro didn’t tweet it last night either.  Why LeBron?  Afraid of what your adoring fans in Cleveland would say?  Or did karma get your tongue?  Maybe next team a team gets beaten, you’ll be an adult and shut your pie hole. 

13 January 2011

The King of Crying

There comes a time in our life, when we have to stop being childish, grow up, and be an adult.  We no longer go around acting like childish high schoolers, talking about people behind their backs, or telling repeated lies for no reason.  These times usually come after we’re out of high school and get out on our own in the “real life.”  Some of us, it comes earlier, and some later.

There are some people though, who never get it.  They enjoy saying things, then back peddling and saying they didn’t say it, or doing something and saying they meant another.  There are few times in the sports world, when a press conference is more exciting than the sport itself.  Remember the college football coach who said, “attack me, I’m a man?”  Oklahoma State if I do recall, or Allen Iverson, “Practice.  We’re talking about practice.”  Most people only draw that attention to themselves once, however, our neighborhood immature child, LeBron James does it on a regular basis. 

He had “The Decision” and humiliated the city of Cleveland on National Television.  Then down the road said he would have handled it different.  Not admitting what he did was wrong, he said the reason everyone was upset was racial.  It wasn’t racial- it was HATE.  Then he did the commercial to say he didn’t make choices for what “you” wanted him to do.  No, he makes choices like a child, and tries to pretend like we don’t realize how immature he is.  No one would have been as critical of LeBron if he came out and said he was leaving Cleveland like a man, then announce is was going to Miami. 

Now, the latest is his so-called tweets he didn’t tweet.  If you haven’t seen them, he sent these after the Cavs lost by 57 points to the Lakers in Los Angeles recently. 
Midway through the fourth quarter, he tweets this:
"Man, ****abuncha Dan Gilberts."
Or, this:
"That team has done nothing but talk s*** about me all year. Hope they're enjoying this."
Or, this:
"I should be nice about it, but this feels good. I don't care. This is who I had to play with last year."
Or, this:
"Suck it, @cavsdan."

And lastly:
"Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!"

All of this would have been fine, had LeBron been a man about it stood up and said “Yes, You’re dang right I sent those tweets.  And I’m proud of it.”  But now, alas, LeBron is the spoiled little rich kid we all know he is, he has to release a statement that says:
"It was just how I was feeling at the time. It wasn't even a comment from me, it was someone who sent it to me and I sent it out. It wasn't no hit at that franchise, no hit at that team, especially those players at all. I've moved on. I don't think it was no intent at all. Everyone looks into everything that I say. Everybody looked too far into it."

LeBron getting dunked on at his camp by a college player from Xavier.  NIKE tried to hide these from making the news.
Sorry Queenie, you’re no King anymore, and no one looked too far in to anything…. They read exactly what you wrote, took it for what it was- you’re shallow attempt at getting a jab back at the franchise you once played for.  Grow up and get a freaking spine dude, and stop being one way, then back peddling to be another.  Say something publically, and STICK WITH IT.  Stop flip flopping all the dang time you freaking cry baby.

12 January 2011

He's Back

So Mike Vick tweeted, he's the NFL's 2010 Comeback Player of the Year.

Thoughts on this?

09 January 2011

BCS National Championship Look Ahead

So I do think the National Championship will be decided in fashion on Monday night.  I think there will be a lot of great plays, highlights for SportsCenter, and a lot of “OH NO HE DIDN’T!”  However, in all of that, I think we do have to say, “What about TCU?”  Does TCU deserve to be in the National Championship?  We know one thing, The BCS system is not fair.  That said- let’s get to it.

I think if you look at the strength of schedule this season, Oregon played 3 teams that ended up getting bowl bids, with one of those a win in Knoxville, against Tennessee.  Auburn took down 9 schools that got bowl bids, with big wins over defending National Champions Alabama, and an SEC knockout in Atlanta over South Carolina.  Auburn is flying high coming in to the National Championship game, winning the biggest bout of the season with Cam Newton’s eligibility.  Cam Newton is reeling after winning the Heisman Memorial Award. 

Late in the season, Auburn closed their games out with force, while Oregon struggled to win 15-13 over Cal.  Neither team has played since December 4th.  Both teams are wrecking balls on offense.  Oregon has speedy LeMichael James and Auburn has Cam Newton.

I think this game is going to come down to the team that can do more on defense, because offense will not be a problem.  I look to see a slightly high scoring game in this one too.  Both teams will come out fired up and get off to a slow start then settle in to their grooves.  Don’t look for to many trick plays in the first half, no daring “go for it’s” either. 

As much as I love the SEC, I think the SEC got it wrong this year, and I feel Cam Newton should be ineligible for the season, all wins vacated, and the Heisman trophy should have been won by Andrew Luck- with that said, I think Auburn is going to have the game of the season, firing on all cylinders, striking fast, and striking often.

Oregon is no slouch.  LeMichael James is going to find some open seams, and run for pay dirt.  Oregon’s defense will be of the fastest defenses that Auburn has seen all season.

My picks.

Oregon 42 – Auburn 37
It hurts to pick against my SEC, but I think in the end, Oregon is going to get it done against the Tigers.

08 January 2011

What We Think We Thunk

Going in to today, I'd never picked the Seahawks to beat the Saints, however, I did pick the Jets to go and knock off the Colts.  Matt Hasselbeck proved that on any given Sunday, err, Saturday, anyone can be the day's MVP.  He led his 7-9 Seahawks to a spot no other NFL team has ever been- losers for winners for a day.

As for the Jets.  Rex Ryan said after the game, he finally beat Peyton Manning, now he'll answer questions.

My question is simple- should Caldwell be fired in Indianapolis?  Has he reached the end of the road?

07 January 2011

College Football Playoff - Round 2

The first round votes are in the book.  With losses going to Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and Michigan State.  We move on to round two, where we seed everyone based on their initial seeding.

(BCS1) Auburn
(CP4)   LSU

(BCS2) Oregon
(CP2)   Boise State

(BCS8) Arkansas

(BCS4) Stanford
(BCS6) Ohio State

These are you're picks for the second round of games.  Let's get our votes going, and see who wins this round.

I see Auburn repeating their win over the mad-hatter led LSU Bayou Tigers in a hard fought game.
Next up, Oregon and Boise State.  Boise is led by a quarterback who could probably throw a watermelon for touchdown, but the speed of Oregon will give Boise fits, Oregon for the win.  I think Arkansas got by on sheer luck, and will pay for it with TCU- Horned Frogs for the win.  Lastly, as good as Ohio State is, I think Andrew Luck is hard to beat when he's on.  He showed us this in the Orange Bowl when he picked Virginia Tech apart.  Ohio State goes down to Stanford behind the arm of Luck.

Auburn, Oregon, TCU, and Stanford.

Little Sister No More

If you can recall back to November, Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee coined a phrase that didn't sit well with a lot of people, he referred to the TCU Horned Frogs as "the little sisters of the poor" and did not deserve a title shot because their schedule was nothing like "murder's row" schedule of the Big 10.

We see now, with the Big 10 getting beat in all but one bowl game how right he was.  His conference is superior to the weak schedule of TCU.  TCU agreed, and put these billboards up this week in Columbus, Ohio, near the campus of Ohio State to thank the campus, fans, and most importantly, E. Gordon Gee for their support. There are 20 electronic billboards displaying this, thanks to the TCU faithful who collected the money to purchase them and put them up.

On a side note, Wisconsin did beat OSU 31-18, and TCU beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl 21-19.

Coaches that weren't

In honor of Mike Haywood, College football coach at Pittsburgh, correction, ex-football coach at Pittsburgh.  He was hired to be the replacement for their program, and before he got a chance to coach his first game, the BBVA Compass Bowl on Saturday, he was fired after being arrested over domestic assault charges.  He never coached a game.

Let's take a look at another coach, who never coached a game for the team he was hired.

Bill Belichick was to be the coach to replace Bill Parcells when he left the NY Jets, but five minutes before the press conference to announce his hiring as head football coach, Belichick bolted for the northeast.  He left the Jets at the coaching press conference for the New England Patriots.  The Patriots were forced to lose a draft pick that year because of the "tampering" since Belichick was under contract at the time with the Jets.

Luck of the NFL Draft

With the news of Andrew Luck returning to Stanford for one more year so he can finish his degree in architectural design, there's a number of players now being mentioned as a potential number one overall pick.  As of right now, A.J. Green from the University of Georgia has not declared, but look for Green and fellow teammates Justin Houston and Brandon Boykin to declare sometime today for the NFL Draft.  

The Carolina Panthers will have a nice time choosing between Green or Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers with the number one overall pick.  For Carolina, they have several needs, one of which is quarterback, a position they had hoped to fill with Andrew Luck, but luck have it (or in this case Luck have it), they won't be doing that.  Look for the Panthers to either select A.J. Green as a possible weapon and then try to sign a free agent quarterback (Vince Young or Donovan McNabb amongst others), or watch to see the Panthers trade down a few spots and select QB Ryan Mallett, Jake Locker, or Cam Newton.  

Either way, we're still over 3 months away and the NFL Draft is already buzzing.

05 January 2011

College Football Playoff System

Does it get any better than watching two college football teams play one another, to the wire, just for one of them to pull out that last second win?  I personally think it’s great that we have a college playoff system now to determine the National Championship.  Knowing that we finally got it right, makes me sleep better. Oh, wait a second, I’m awake- we don’t!  Our college football championship is hosed to no end.  We try to say that a non-biased computer system determines who should play, but it is biased, as humans have to enter their rankings for those teams, which sway the computer’s rankings. 

To fix all this, I’m proposing the “Longworth Playoff System” which will fix the problem.  This system will put 12 college football teams in to the “postseason” for contention in the National Championship, while other schools will stay play in the bowl games like they do every year.  Under this playoff system, the top 8 BCS ranked schools are “automatically” in the field, and the remaining 4 schools will come from the coaches poll.  The four highest schools in the coaches poll, that did not get in to the BCS top 8, will be in the field.  Using this system, we’re going to play out this post season, to determine who our National Champion should be.

The first round would have 4 schools getting bye-weeks, those would be the top 4 BCS schools, and this year getting byes would be;
1)      Auburn
2)      Oregon
3)      TCU
4)      Stanford

The remaining schools would be:
5. Wisconsin
6. Ohio State
7. Oklahoma
8. Arkansas

Coaches Poll
7. Michigan State (Seeded CP1)
10 Boise State (Seeded CP2)
11. Virginia Tech (Seeded CP3)
12 LSU (Seeded CP4)

After the first week of games are played, the second week would be scheduled, with the lowest seeds playing the highest seeds, just like in a normal playoff system.

Here are the matchups for this week:

(CP4)  LSU
(BCS5) Wisconsin

(CP3) Virginia Tech
(BCS6) Ohio State

(CP2) Boise State
(BCS7) Oklahoma

(CP1) Michigan State
(BCS8) Arkansas

Since we’re trying to make this as fair as possible, and because the BCS won’t do it, we’re going to vote on each game to determine the National Champions.  My picks are;
*Ohio State
*Boise State
*Michigan State

Let me know who you think would win, and Friday we’ll post the second round of games.

04 January 2011

Allstate Sugar Bowl Preview

Normally, I’m the first to rant and rave about how over-hyped The Ohio State University Buckeyes are each year, and how they can not hang with any of the SEC schools.  So, while reviewing information on both the schools in Tuesday’s Allstate Sugar Bowl matchup, I can’t help but really draw back to that fact.  Here’s what to expect in the matchup.

While Terrelle Pryor has the goods to beat a team with his ability to run, pass, and find open lanes for himself or his wideouts, his abilities also can get him in trouble.  We saw a few times this season, when teams can ruffle Pryor by showing what appears to be an all out blitz, but really is just some organized chaos to make him think it’s something it’s not, he’s likely to get out of the pocket early and make bad plays.  I look for Terrelle Pryor to scramble when he should stay in protection, and he’s going to make some bad plays for his team.

For Arkansas, Ryan Mallet is certainly known for his big arm, his ability to find his receivers open down the field, and also his ability to rush the passes if he feels pressure.  Look for Arkansas to try and set up control of the game early by using running back Knile Davis early, and often.  The Razorbacks will try and control the line of scrimmage on the slightly undersized Buckeyes defensive line.  When the Buckeyes stack the box, watch for Mallett to go over the top to his receivers for the score.

In the end, Dan Herron will prove to be the spark the Buckeyes need when Pryor staggers.  Herron will lift the Buckeyes late in a rushing force that the Razorbacks struggle mightily against.

            Buckeyes 28 – Razorbacks 24

03 January 2011

NFL Playoffs First Round- What To Expect

As we all recover from the “Loser’s Bowl” played Sunday night between the St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks, putting the first ever 7-9 team in the NFL Playoffs, let’s look ahead as to what we can expect from the Playoffs.

We’ll start with the red hot Seattle Seahawks, coming off their record setting win over the St. Louis Rams.  The Seahawks will play host to the defending Super Bowl Champions, New Orleans Saints.  In a game that will make us laugh, if for no reason other than the fact the 7-9 Seahawks host a play off game, we’ll see the Saints show us their championship composure. 
            Saints 34 – Seahawks 20

Staying with the NFC, let’s look at the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers.  Philly has been flying high as of late before slipping up the last two weeks.  It won’t hurt the Eagles as they are led in to the post-season by their MVP candidate quarterback, and emotional fan-favorite quarterback, Michael Vick.  In what promises to be one of the better first round games, Philly will show us why they have been red hot.

            Eagles 28 – Packers 27

In the AFC we have some very familiar post-season faces, squaring off in the first round in each bracket.  We have Indianapolis and Baltimore both playing the first round this year.  In the first matchup, Baltimore is going up against the Kansas Chiefs, who last year were in contention for the number one draft pick, and rebounded nicely this year led by point man Matt Cassell.  Kansas City is certainly a team on the upswing, winning 5 of their last 7 games.  They rank 1st in the NFL this season in rushing yards, but 30th in passing, and this will prove to hurt them considerably against a crushing, bruising defense like the Ravens.  Watch for the Ravens to exploit the weak passing game and shut down the rushing game.

            Ravens 24 – Chiefs 10

In the last match up of AFC squads, there is the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets facing off in Indianapolis.  In a matchup that puts one of the best defenses, Jets, against one of the best offenses, Colts, we will see two teams play what could be a classic.  Look to see Peyton Manning try to pick open receivers on the Jets stingy defense, but I look to see the Jets answer the call.  Without most of his offensive weapons hurt or banged up, look for Peyton Manning to force a few bad passes and end up paying for it.

            Jets 31 – Colts 24

02 January 2011

The Season That Santa Forgot

This is the time of the year that many people look forward to, there's Christmas, New Years Eve, lots of food, pretty lights, and of course, BOWL GAMES! With the closing of the regular season for the NFL and the NBA just getting into full swing there is little time or attention paid to other sports. Throw into this mix that NCAA basketball is starting and NCAA football is getting into the post season and suddenly there are just too many sporting events on for most people. But then again you have people like myself who just love sports and watch as much as I can. This leads to what I refer to as "The Season That Santa Forgot". The season I speak of is the NHL. Many people in the USA don't know much about hockey and therefore dont give it enough credit. Few people know that the NHL regular season is 82 games long. By far this is the longest season of a collision sport out there. Every night these gladiators suit up with missing teeth, busted lips, broken bones, and torn ligaments. Athletes in the NHL pride themselves on their toughness and few athletes in other sports could even begin to compete in this kind of environment for as long as these men do. I have seen NHL players refuse anesthetic on the bench so that they can get their stitches faster and hence get back on the ice faster. I believe it was last year I saw a player pull teeth out while sitting on the bench because they were loose. Its amazing stuff and there is a lot of skill out there on that ice even if they lack physical beauty. Next time you find yourself searching for something on TV why not look for some hockey. You might just be surprised at the athleticism, heart, and dedication that you see from these guys. It is a sport unlike anything else on TV.

Farewell to a Legend

Favre's jersey hangs in the locker room for the last time

Running off the field on Sunday, January 02, 2011 Brett Favre didn’t have his usual football helmet in hand, trotting off to cheering fans, instead he jogged off in a Vikings t-shirt having been inactive for the game against the Detroit Lions.  Immediately following the game, in a post-game news conference Brett Favre said, “It's time. I'm OK with it. In my opinion, it's never easy for any player. People, they'll say 'wait and see,' but that's OK."  This is the last time we will see #4 run out of the tunnel, the last time we will see him take the field late in the fourth quarter to lead the comeback win, and the last time we see him run down the field to celebrate a touchdown.

Retiring after 20 years in the NFL, Brett retires as the only player in the league who’s a grandfather, according to the NFL front office.  Favre will be walking away from the game he left his mark on, the game he set many records for, and the game that made him an icon.

Favre holds many records for the NFL and Packers:
  • ·         Favre was the first player to ever win Most Valuable Player three times, and the only one ever to win it three times in a row.  This record has been broken by Peyton Manning now who has won it four times, just never three in a row.
  • ·         Was ranked by TSN as the 4th greatest quarterback in NFL history, behind Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, and John Elway and one ahead of Packers legend Bart Starr.
  • ·         Sports Illustrated Sportsmen of the Year in 2007
  • ·         11-Time Pro Bowl selection
  • ·         6-Time First/Second Team All-Pro Selection
  • ·         NFL 1990’s All-Decade Team member
  • ·         NFC Offensive Player of the Week 11 times
  • ·         AFC Offensive Player of the Week 2 times
  • ·         NFC Offensive Player of the Month 6 times
  • ·         5-Time NFC Player of the Year (1995, 1996. 1997, 2002, 2007)
  • ·         Men’s Health Magazine’s “Toughest Person in America” in 2003
  • ·         United States Sports Academy Male Athlete of the Year in 2007 beating out Tiger Woods and Tom Brady
  • ·         NFL Films ranked 20th greatest player in the Top 100 NFL Players in History
  • ·          Starts by any position player- 298
  • ·         Consecutive starts as a quarterback/position player- 297
  • ·         Career regular-season victories by a starting quarterback- 185  (185-111 all-time)
  • ·         Wins by a starting quarterback in one stadium- 90, Lambeau Field (89 with Packers, 1 with Vikings)
  • ·         Career passing touchdowns- 507
  • ·         Career Passing Yards- 71,775
  • ·         Career Passing Completions- 6,295
  • ·         Career Passing Attempts- 10,161
  • ·         9 Touchdown passes of 80+ yards
  • ·         The only quarterback to have led a team to victory over all 32 teams in the league since the NFL first expanded to 32 franchises in 2002
  • ·         Favre has engineered 46 fourth quarter or overtime victories
  • ·         Favre led the Packers to two consecutive Super Bowls, Super Bowl XXXI and XXXII, winning XXXI (1996)

We will always remember seeing Brett Favre running down the field with Donald Driver on his shoulders celebrating a touchdown win, or the signature Favre hand up in the year after a touchdown.  Regardless of what has been said about Brett off the field, no one can dispute what he did on the field. 

Brett Favre changed the quarterback position in the NFL, he rewrote the way quarterbacks play the game, and he captivated us with his ability to play the game he loved.  His legendary retirement speculations the last few years have hovered over him, but will never hurt his legacy on the game, or his Hall of Fame status.  He will be a first-time ballot, collecting an almost unanimous selection, but will not be unanimous.   I expect to see the Green Bay Packers offer Favre a 1-day contract in order to retire as a Packer, and give him the farewell he is so deserving of. 

Farewell #4, you will be missed.

Orange Bowl Projections

Monday night will have one of the better BCS Bowl Games of this season, with Virginia Tech matching up against the Stanford Cardinals in the Discover Orange Bowl.  This will match up two teams that are really capable of lighting up the scoreboard, as they both have very strong offenses and defenses with some weaknesses that can exploited. 

Stanford can hurt you with the run, and kill you with the defense.  They have what many are projecting to be the number one pick in the 2011 NFL Draft with quarterback Andrew Luck.  Look for Stanford to establish their run game early by running several run plays per sequence or short screen passes to force Virginia Tech to have move 8 or 9 guys up in the box to stop it.  When this happens, Andrew Luck will connect on some deep passes exploiting the inability of Virginia Tech to stop their run in man-to-man.

On the other side of the ball, Virginia Tech’s quarterback Tyrod Thomas is capable of beating a team in multiple ways.  Thomas has the ability to run and pick up yards, or throw the ball down the field.  Stanford needs to force Thomas to stay in the pocket and not break contain, because his accuracy is questionable in the pocket due to his inability to see the field from within the pocket. 

My projection for this game will be a high scoring game with Stanford pulling it out.  Stanford 42- Virginia Tech 37.

01 January 2011

New Years Bowl Projections

Looks like I went 4-1 today in my bowl projections.  Glad to see the SEC do so well in the bowl games.  Glad to see TCU pull the win out today, even thought I never expected it.  Really wasn't surprised by UConn's performance with Oklahoma either, they were not in the same league of talent.

Projections for the remaining bowls coming soon.

Purple Roses

I have to admit, I was one of those who thought TCU was overrated and was going to be steamrolled by Wisconsin today.  I absolutely thought for sure that TCU hadn’t seen a team all season who hit as hard as Wisconsin, but I was showed otherwise tonight.  TCU came out from the opening kickoff ready to play, and with very little running ability, they ran the fewest plays since 1963 and pulled out the win, needing only 66 total offensive plays.

TCU makes it 4-1 now all time for non-AQ (automatic qualifiers) in BCS Bowl Games.  I’ll eat crow now, and admit I didn’t give TCU enough credit.

Congratulations Horned Frogs- 2011 Rose Bowl Champions, 13-0.