04 January 2011

Allstate Sugar Bowl Preview

Normally, I’m the first to rant and rave about how over-hyped The Ohio State University Buckeyes are each year, and how they can not hang with any of the SEC schools.  So, while reviewing information on both the schools in Tuesday’s Allstate Sugar Bowl matchup, I can’t help but really draw back to that fact.  Here’s what to expect in the matchup.

While Terrelle Pryor has the goods to beat a team with his ability to run, pass, and find open lanes for himself or his wideouts, his abilities also can get him in trouble.  We saw a few times this season, when teams can ruffle Pryor by showing what appears to be an all out blitz, but really is just some organized chaos to make him think it’s something it’s not, he’s likely to get out of the pocket early and make bad plays.  I look for Terrelle Pryor to scramble when he should stay in protection, and he’s going to make some bad plays for his team.

For Arkansas, Ryan Mallet is certainly known for his big arm, his ability to find his receivers open down the field, and also his ability to rush the passes if he feels pressure.  Look for Arkansas to try and set up control of the game early by using running back Knile Davis early, and often.  The Razorbacks will try and control the line of scrimmage on the slightly undersized Buckeyes defensive line.  When the Buckeyes stack the box, watch for Mallett to go over the top to his receivers for the score.

In the end, Dan Herron will prove to be the spark the Buckeyes need when Pryor staggers.  Herron will lift the Buckeyes late in a rushing force that the Razorbacks struggle mightily against.

            Buckeyes 28 – Razorbacks 24

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  1. You are 100% right with the Pryor analysis. (Read this all before you think) Pryor reminds me "alittle bit" of Vick in Atlanta. Run first, think later. At the first sign of chaos he's running. That Arkansas offense against that Ohio State defense should make for a great game it all depends on which one holds up the longest. My prediction Buckeyes-Win....Arkansas-Lose. O-H-