09 January 2011

BCS National Championship Look Ahead

So I do think the National Championship will be decided in fashion on Monday night.  I think there will be a lot of great plays, highlights for SportsCenter, and a lot of “OH NO HE DIDN’T!”  However, in all of that, I think we do have to say, “What about TCU?”  Does TCU deserve to be in the National Championship?  We know one thing, The BCS system is not fair.  That said- let’s get to it.

I think if you look at the strength of schedule this season, Oregon played 3 teams that ended up getting bowl bids, with one of those a win in Knoxville, against Tennessee.  Auburn took down 9 schools that got bowl bids, with big wins over defending National Champions Alabama, and an SEC knockout in Atlanta over South Carolina.  Auburn is flying high coming in to the National Championship game, winning the biggest bout of the season with Cam Newton’s eligibility.  Cam Newton is reeling after winning the Heisman Memorial Award. 

Late in the season, Auburn closed their games out with force, while Oregon struggled to win 15-13 over Cal.  Neither team has played since December 4th.  Both teams are wrecking balls on offense.  Oregon has speedy LeMichael James and Auburn has Cam Newton.

I think this game is going to come down to the team that can do more on defense, because offense will not be a problem.  I look to see a slightly high scoring game in this one too.  Both teams will come out fired up and get off to a slow start then settle in to their grooves.  Don’t look for to many trick plays in the first half, no daring “go for it’s” either. 

As much as I love the SEC, I think the SEC got it wrong this year, and I feel Cam Newton should be ineligible for the season, all wins vacated, and the Heisman trophy should have been won by Andrew Luck- with that said, I think Auburn is going to have the game of the season, firing on all cylinders, striking fast, and striking often.

Oregon is no slouch.  LeMichael James is going to find some open seams, and run for pay dirt.  Oregon’s defense will be of the fastest defenses that Auburn has seen all season.

My picks.

Oregon 42 – Auburn 37
It hurts to pick against my SEC, but I think in the end, Oregon is going to get it done against the Tigers.


  1. I 100% agree!! TCU got the shaft... i feel like it should be TCU and Oregon in the national championship game, however the drama around cam newton and story about the SEC being in another championship game is a much better story than TCU being there. the whole cam newton thing has turned me off to auburn, so tonight i'm going to cheer for Oregon... GO DUCKS

  2. Good or bad TCU (in 2010) was a red headed step child. Now, that they have played their Bowl and won decisively over the champion of a major conference, I will now (in 2011) look at them on a level playing field and feel they should get the benifit of the doubt in this situation. WAR EAGLE!!!