07 January 2011

College Football Playoff - Round 2

The first round votes are in the book.  With losses going to Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and Michigan State.  We move on to round two, where we seed everyone based on their initial seeding.

(BCS1) Auburn
(CP4)   LSU

(BCS2) Oregon
(CP2)   Boise State

(BCS8) Arkansas

(BCS4) Stanford
(BCS6) Ohio State

These are you're picks for the second round of games.  Let's get our votes going, and see who wins this round.

I see Auburn repeating their win over the mad-hatter led LSU Bayou Tigers in a hard fought game.
Next up, Oregon and Boise State.  Boise is led by a quarterback who could probably throw a watermelon for touchdown, but the speed of Oregon will give Boise fits, Oregon for the win.  I think Arkansas got by on sheer luck, and will pay for it with TCU- Horned Frogs for the win.  Lastly, as good as Ohio State is, I think Andrew Luck is hard to beat when he's on.  He showed us this in the Orange Bowl when he picked Virginia Tech apart.  Ohio State goes down to Stanford behind the arm of Luck.

Auburn, Oregon, TCU, and Stanford.

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