05 January 2011

College Football Playoff System

Does it get any better than watching two college football teams play one another, to the wire, just for one of them to pull out that last second win?  I personally think it’s great that we have a college playoff system now to determine the National Championship.  Knowing that we finally got it right, makes me sleep better. Oh, wait a second, I’m awake- we don’t!  Our college football championship is hosed to no end.  We try to say that a non-biased computer system determines who should play, but it is biased, as humans have to enter their rankings for those teams, which sway the computer’s rankings. 

To fix all this, I’m proposing the “Longworth Playoff System” which will fix the problem.  This system will put 12 college football teams in to the “postseason” for contention in the National Championship, while other schools will stay play in the bowl games like they do every year.  Under this playoff system, the top 8 BCS ranked schools are “automatically” in the field, and the remaining 4 schools will come from the coaches poll.  The four highest schools in the coaches poll, that did not get in to the BCS top 8, will be in the field.  Using this system, we’re going to play out this post season, to determine who our National Champion should be.

The first round would have 4 schools getting bye-weeks, those would be the top 4 BCS schools, and this year getting byes would be;
1)      Auburn
2)      Oregon
3)      TCU
4)      Stanford

The remaining schools would be:
5. Wisconsin
6. Ohio State
7. Oklahoma
8. Arkansas

Coaches Poll
7. Michigan State (Seeded CP1)
10 Boise State (Seeded CP2)
11. Virginia Tech (Seeded CP3)
12 LSU (Seeded CP4)

After the first week of games are played, the second week would be scheduled, with the lowest seeds playing the highest seeds, just like in a normal playoff system.

Here are the matchups for this week:

(CP4)  LSU
(BCS5) Wisconsin

(CP3) Virginia Tech
(BCS6) Ohio State

(CP2) Boise State
(BCS7) Oklahoma

(CP1) Michigan State
(BCS8) Arkansas

Since we’re trying to make this as fair as possible, and because the BCS won’t do it, we’re going to vote on each game to determine the National Champions.  My picks are;
*Ohio State
*Boise State
*Michigan State

Let me know who you think would win, and Friday we’ll post the second round of games.


  1. LSU...Ohio State...Boise St...Arkansas

  2. LSU, Ohio State, Boise St Arkansas

  3. my brother and i were just talking about this last night.... i had come up with a solution, but i believe yours is better, more fair, and would still allow the sponsors to get their money from the existing bowl games... not to mention there would be more football for the fans to watch.. and i'm never opposed to more football.. :)
    LSU... Ohio St... Boise St.. Arkansas

  4. LSU, Ohio State (if they're playing the five "suspended" players), Boise, and Arkansas