02 January 2011

Farewell to a Legend

Favre's jersey hangs in the locker room for the last time

Running off the field on Sunday, January 02, 2011 Brett Favre didn’t have his usual football helmet in hand, trotting off to cheering fans, instead he jogged off in a Vikings t-shirt having been inactive for the game against the Detroit Lions.  Immediately following the game, in a post-game news conference Brett Favre said, “It's time. I'm OK with it. In my opinion, it's never easy for any player. People, they'll say 'wait and see,' but that's OK."  This is the last time we will see #4 run out of the tunnel, the last time we will see him take the field late in the fourth quarter to lead the comeback win, and the last time we see him run down the field to celebrate a touchdown.

Retiring after 20 years in the NFL, Brett retires as the only player in the league who’s a grandfather, according to the NFL front office.  Favre will be walking away from the game he left his mark on, the game he set many records for, and the game that made him an icon.

Favre holds many records for the NFL and Packers:
  • ·         Favre was the first player to ever win Most Valuable Player three times, and the only one ever to win it three times in a row.  This record has been broken by Peyton Manning now who has won it four times, just never three in a row.
  • ·         Was ranked by TSN as the 4th greatest quarterback in NFL history, behind Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, and John Elway and one ahead of Packers legend Bart Starr.
  • ·         Sports Illustrated Sportsmen of the Year in 2007
  • ·         11-Time Pro Bowl selection
  • ·         6-Time First/Second Team All-Pro Selection
  • ·         NFL 1990’s All-Decade Team member
  • ·         NFC Offensive Player of the Week 11 times
  • ·         AFC Offensive Player of the Week 2 times
  • ·         NFC Offensive Player of the Month 6 times
  • ·         5-Time NFC Player of the Year (1995, 1996. 1997, 2002, 2007)
  • ·         Men’s Health Magazine’s “Toughest Person in America” in 2003
  • ·         United States Sports Academy Male Athlete of the Year in 2007 beating out Tiger Woods and Tom Brady
  • ·         NFL Films ranked 20th greatest player in the Top 100 NFL Players in History
  • ·          Starts by any position player- 298
  • ·         Consecutive starts as a quarterback/position player- 297
  • ·         Career regular-season victories by a starting quarterback- 185  (185-111 all-time)
  • ·         Wins by a starting quarterback in one stadium- 90, Lambeau Field (89 with Packers, 1 with Vikings)
  • ·         Career passing touchdowns- 507
  • ·         Career Passing Yards- 71,775
  • ·         Career Passing Completions- 6,295
  • ·         Career Passing Attempts- 10,161
  • ·         9 Touchdown passes of 80+ yards
  • ·         The only quarterback to have led a team to victory over all 32 teams in the league since the NFL first expanded to 32 franchises in 2002
  • ·         Favre has engineered 46 fourth quarter or overtime victories
  • ·         Favre led the Packers to two consecutive Super Bowls, Super Bowl XXXI and XXXII, winning XXXI (1996)

We will always remember seeing Brett Favre running down the field with Donald Driver on his shoulders celebrating a touchdown win, or the signature Favre hand up in the year after a touchdown.  Regardless of what has been said about Brett off the field, no one can dispute what he did on the field. 

Brett Favre changed the quarterback position in the NFL, he rewrote the way quarterbacks play the game, and he captivated us with his ability to play the game he loved.  His legendary retirement speculations the last few years have hovered over him, but will never hurt his legacy on the game, or his Hall of Fame status.  He will be a first-time ballot, collecting an almost unanimous selection, but will not be unanimous.   I expect to see the Green Bay Packers offer Favre a 1-day contract in order to retire as a Packer, and give him the farewell he is so deserving of. 

Farewell #4, you will be missed.


  1. Great post LW. It's a shame that the last few years have created so much negative attention towards this living legend. Besides all the records it will be interesting to see which of Favre's iconic habits will be dubbed "The Favre". Will it be the fake jump pass after a handoff? Will the shovel pass be renamed a Favre pass? Or better yet will playing through injury be known as being able to "Favre Up"? No matter what happens he will for sure go down with the greats like Marino, Montana, Elway, and Kelly. I miss all of those great QBs and will miss seeing #4 suit up on Sundays. Thanks for a great run.

  2. I like that- "Favre Up." Nice way to put playing every day, through injuries, illness, or even the loss of a father- and never giving it anything less than your very best. Favre was a master of the game, and I think it would be fitting to see the Packers and Falcons both retire his #4 jersey, and the NFL to create the "Brett Favre Award" for the player who shows toughness for a season.

  3. Farve is one of the greatest ever. I wish that this year went better than it did but it will not take away from anything that he did on the field. I do feel that the NFL forced Farve to stay hurt these last few weeks so they didn't have to suspend him at the end of he great carreer. #4 should be retired in every city.

  4. i've never seen anyone who seemed to have more passion for the game than farve. Most players when they get to the pro stage... they seem to loose the passion and get wrapped up in the money and fame, but farve didn't seem to be that way to me.... he even played the next game after his dad past away. if that's not passion i don't know what else is. he's been a joy to watch, and for the 3rd straight year i'm over whelmed with his retirement announcement. as much as i hate to see him go... i would really hate to see him go thru another year like this past one... thank you farve for the passion you brought to the game of football.. you will be missed