12 January 2011

He's Back

So Mike Vick tweeted, he's the NFL's 2010 Comeback Player of the Year.

Thoughts on this?


  1. By far he is the comeback player of the year. There is not even another candidate out there that holds water. Mike Vick, love him or hate him, is the poster boy for defying the odds. I mean come on, he goes from a mediocre team at best, to prison, to leading his team to the playoffs. Seriously, how many people can do that. Now before people get all up in arms, yes what he did/allowed to be done to those dogs was wrong. No question about that. But is he a freak of athletic talent that I expect to be even better next year? Bank on it! Teams will be scared of the Eagles next year because of how hard Vick and his supporting cast will work this off-season. Mark my words, this comeback player of the year for 2010 will be in contention for MVP in 2011.

  2. Well deserved. He served his penalty dished out by the courts, so the dog thing should now be a non-issue. This could border on the greatest comeback ever in the NFL and is right on the same lines as Josh Hamilton's comeback in MLB. Way to go Mike Vick.