21 January 2011

Just A Good Ole Fashioned Fist Fight

With two Super Bowl rings, is
Ben Roethlisberger underrated?
When we talk about the best quarterbacks in the AFC, we always say the same two, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  If someone says, ok, outside of those two, who you got in the rest of the NFL? Drew Brees is often the answer.  If you keep going down the list, people will even now say Mike Vick again.  Who don’t you hear them say? Ben Roethlisberger.  If you take all of Ben’s off-field problems out of the equation, what’s not to like about his play on the field? Honestly, who’s better on the field of play in the last decade? Last decade and a half? With the exception of Tom Brady, no one has been more successful in the last 10-15 years of the NFL.  I know, Peyton Manning has 4 regular season MVPs, so what? Ask Peyton what he’d prefer, 4 MVPs, or one more Super Bowl ring? He’ll give you his MVPs, and raise you one Pro Bowl MVP as well.  All of that said, Mark Sanchez has been slaying quarterbacks the last two weeks- first taking down the golden boy himself, Peyton Manning. Last week Sanchez and his band of road warriors went in to Foxboro to down Justin Beiber, err, I mean Tom Brady.  Sanchez has been poised the last two weeks, beating two previous Super Bowl MVP winning quarterbacks.
Watch for the Steelers defense to get
after Sanchez

This week, erase the slates, forget the records, and erase everything you know from their pasts, because the Steelers and Jets players won’t be thinking about how many rings Big Ben has, or how many Head and Shoulder commercials Troy Polamalu has been in.  They are going to have just one thing on their minds- THE SUPER BOWL.

In what promises to be a battle from the opening kick off, anything is possible.  In order for the Steelers to win they are going to need their offensive line to give Big Ben time in the pocket.  The Jets compiled five sacks last week on Tom Brady, and if the Steelers let them get free on Ben, it could spell disaster in the end.  Shore up the line and keep the defense off Ben is key.  Secondly, Pittsburgh needs to connect on some pass plays down the middle and down the field.  With four receivers capable of taking it to the house being led by Mike Wallace and his 60 yard average per touchdown this season, watch for the Jets to try and shut this down.  The Steelers are going to need to get their running game going in order to free up Wallace, Hines Ward, and the others if they have a shot to connect for a big play.
Polamalu could be the wildcard

The Jets know they have a ferocious defense staring them square in the eyes.  With the hitmaster James Harrison on the other side of the ball, the Jets will need to keep the beasts at bay if they want to give Sanchez time to find anyone who’s open.  If you blink at the wrong time, Harrison is around you, or Polamalu is leaping over the line to sack the quarterback.  The Jets will need a strong performance from their two headed running back monster of LaDanian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene in order to keep that stingy defense at rest.  The Jets put up more yards on the Steelers earlier in the season than anyone else the entire year.  Watch for Sanchez to set up some passes with rushing plays and play-actions.  Look for Braylon Edwards early, and often in this matchup with Santonio Holmes getting free for some much needed plays down the field as well.

This game will come down to inches and key play calling.  At the final horn, what we’ll see is that the Steelers have just a little too much for the Jets this season.  Experience wins out.
The President's picks are in- Steelers Win.

Steelers 20
Jets       18


  1. It is going to come down whether the jets can run the ball. If they can't run the ball, the steelers will tee off on mark sanchez. No one has successfuly ran the ball vs the steelers all season. The jets defense will have to decide to either cover the middle of the field and leave the outside open for Wallace and brown to get down the field or cover the outside and leave the middle of the field open for heath miller.

  2. I think when it comes down to matchups, the Steelers are to much for the Jets to matchup evenly with. The Steelers defense will be able to hold the Jets at bay more often than the Jets can hold the Steelers.