13 January 2011

The King of Crying

There comes a time in our life, when we have to stop being childish, grow up, and be an adult.  We no longer go around acting like childish high schoolers, talking about people behind their backs, or telling repeated lies for no reason.  These times usually come after we’re out of high school and get out on our own in the “real life.”  Some of us, it comes earlier, and some later.

There are some people though, who never get it.  They enjoy saying things, then back peddling and saying they didn’t say it, or doing something and saying they meant another.  There are few times in the sports world, when a press conference is more exciting than the sport itself.  Remember the college football coach who said, “attack me, I’m a man?”  Oklahoma State if I do recall, or Allen Iverson, “Practice.  We’re talking about practice.”  Most people only draw that attention to themselves once, however, our neighborhood immature child, LeBron James does it on a regular basis. 

He had “The Decision” and humiliated the city of Cleveland on National Television.  Then down the road said he would have handled it different.  Not admitting what he did was wrong, he said the reason everyone was upset was racial.  It wasn’t racial- it was HATE.  Then he did the commercial to say he didn’t make choices for what “you” wanted him to do.  No, he makes choices like a child, and tries to pretend like we don’t realize how immature he is.  No one would have been as critical of LeBron if he came out and said he was leaving Cleveland like a man, then announce is was going to Miami. 

Now, the latest is his so-called tweets he didn’t tweet.  If you haven’t seen them, he sent these after the Cavs lost by 57 points to the Lakers in Los Angeles recently. 
Midway through the fourth quarter, he tweets this:
"Man, ****abuncha Dan Gilberts."
Or, this:
"That team has done nothing but talk s*** about me all year. Hope they're enjoying this."
Or, this:
"I should be nice about it, but this feels good. I don't care. This is who I had to play with last year."
Or, this:
"Suck it, @cavsdan."

And lastly:
"Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!"

All of this would have been fine, had LeBron been a man about it stood up and said “Yes, You’re dang right I sent those tweets.  And I’m proud of it.”  But now, alas, LeBron is the spoiled little rich kid we all know he is, he has to release a statement that says:
"It was just how I was feeling at the time. It wasn't even a comment from me, it was someone who sent it to me and I sent it out. It wasn't no hit at that franchise, no hit at that team, especially those players at all. I've moved on. I don't think it was no intent at all. Everyone looks into everything that I say. Everybody looked too far into it."

LeBron getting dunked on at his camp by a college player from Xavier.  NIKE tried to hide these from making the news.
Sorry Queenie, you’re no King anymore, and no one looked too far in to anything…. They read exactly what you wrote, took it for what it was- you’re shallow attempt at getting a jab back at the franchise you once played for.  Grow up and get a freaking spine dude, and stop being one way, then back peddling to be another.  Say something publically, and STICK WITH IT.  Stop flip flopping all the dang time you freaking cry baby.


  1. Lebron is a spoiled brat. He has been put on a pedestal since high school. Now when criticism come his way, he cries foul. People need to tell Lebron: we don't want to hear it anymore. Shut up.

  2. It just really gets me going when LeBron says something and people criticize him, and he says it's "racial." It's not racial at all, it's his immature ways that are driving people to act the way they do towards him. How many times has Charles Barkley said something on TNT, and people criticize him? A lot. He never backs down from his views though, or his opinion, and people accept him for that. People don't accept LeBron because he's more of a politician, trying to get us with of the slight of hand.