07 January 2011

Luck of the NFL Draft

With the news of Andrew Luck returning to Stanford for one more year so he can finish his degree in architectural design, there's a number of players now being mentioned as a potential number one overall pick.  As of right now, A.J. Green from the University of Georgia has not declared, but look for Green and fellow teammates Justin Houston and Brandon Boykin to declare sometime today for the NFL Draft.  

The Carolina Panthers will have a nice time choosing between Green or Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers with the number one overall pick.  For Carolina, they have several needs, one of which is quarterback, a position they had hoped to fill with Andrew Luck, but luck have it (or in this case Luck have it), they won't be doing that.  Look for the Panthers to either select A.J. Green as a possible weapon and then try to sign a free agent quarterback (Vince Young or Donovan McNabb amongst others), or watch to see the Panthers trade down a few spots and select QB Ryan Mallett, Jake Locker, or Cam Newton.  

Either way, we're still over 3 months away and the NFL Draft is already buzzing.


  1. Jimmy Clausen is breathing a sigh of relieve for now. He probably believes now the Carolina Panthers will invest in him as their quarterback of the future. If they pick A J Green first, then they need to focus on defensive needs for the rest of the draft. If they chose Bowers, they need to get a receiver to complement Steve Smith via the draft or free agency.

  2. I really think Carolina would be crazy not to get a quarterback this offseason- either via free agency or the draft. Clausen is a wash, he's horrible to date. In his few starts he did nothing to make me think he can get better. He's a lot like Matt Leinert from USC- great in college, average, or below average in the NFL. As for Steve Smith. He's getting old, not in his prime anymore. He'd make a great #2 receiver now- but certainly not a #1. They'd be better off taking AJ Green, and running the offense through him, and using Smith more as a "Marvin Harrison to Reggie Wayne" type player- but absolutely not the focal point of the offense.