20 January 2011

NFC Championship Forecast

With the Conference Championship games just a few days away, let’s look ahead to the NFC Championship game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.  In what could shape up to be one of the best NFC Championship games in recent years, this game has it all.  The Packers come in to the game having won the most recent matchup with the Bears in Week 17, after losing in Week 3 to the Bears.  This is the rematch, winner take all, leave no man standing, and the fat lady will sing at the end.
President Obama changed his pick from the
Chicago Bears to the Green Bay Packers
after realized how bad Cutler sucks.

For the Bears, their keys to success will be simple:  First, they can not let Aaron Rodgers get outside the pocket and run.  They are going to have to force him to stay within the pocket and try to complete passes down the field, but the dangerous part is, he’s been deadly the last few weeks.  They Bears will have to send different packages after Rodgers hoping to keep him on his toes enough that their defensive backs and matchup.  Secondly, the Bears need a big day Greg Olsen at Tight End.  Olsen lit up the Seahawks for 3 catches with 113 yards and 1 touchdown.  If the Bears are to hope to have a chance, they need Olsen to bring his A game and big boy skills to the game on Sunday.

Now, for the Packers.  The Pack need DT B.J. Raji to man up this week on the Bears tough interior offensive linemen.  He can’t let the Bears block him or chip him, and he is going to need to be on the field the entire game.  The Packers also need to get Cutler early, and often, to get him rattled in to making some of the Cutler errors we know he’s capable of.  Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson need to be ready to mix it up on blitzes and coverage as they try to rattle Cutler. 

Julius Pepper could be the wild card in the game, if the Bears can get him free a few times, he could record his first sack of Aaron Rodgers on the season as he didn’t have one in either of the two previous matchups.  Watch for Chad Clifton to do everything he can on Peppers, and if Clifton is successful, watch for Peppers to move to the right side to try and get freed up.

In the end, Green Bay is firing on all cylinders and riding high.  Watch for a defensive game for the most part but big plays in between.

Chicago Bears Defense practicing hard for the upcoming
matchup with the Packers.

Green Bay         20
Chicago            17


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