02 January 2011

The Season That Santa Forgot

This is the time of the year that many people look forward to, there's Christmas, New Years Eve, lots of food, pretty lights, and of course, BOWL GAMES! With the closing of the regular season for the NFL and the NBA just getting into full swing there is little time or attention paid to other sports. Throw into this mix that NCAA basketball is starting and NCAA football is getting into the post season and suddenly there are just too many sporting events on for most people. But then again you have people like myself who just love sports and watch as much as I can. This leads to what I refer to as "The Season That Santa Forgot". The season I speak of is the NHL. Many people in the USA don't know much about hockey and therefore dont give it enough credit. Few people know that the NHL regular season is 82 games long. By far this is the longest season of a collision sport out there. Every night these gladiators suit up with missing teeth, busted lips, broken bones, and torn ligaments. Athletes in the NHL pride themselves on their toughness and few athletes in other sports could even begin to compete in this kind of environment for as long as these men do. I have seen NHL players refuse anesthetic on the bench so that they can get their stitches faster and hence get back on the ice faster. I believe it was last year I saw a player pull teeth out while sitting on the bench because they were loose. Its amazing stuff and there is a lot of skill out there on that ice even if they lack physical beauty. Next time you find yourself searching for something on TV why not look for some hockey. You might just be surprised at the athleticism, heart, and dedication that you see from these guys. It is a sport unlike anything else on TV.

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