14 January 2011

Tweet This!

Whoa- I guess that karma really does come around in the NBA.  Me, personally, I don’t really dig the whole karma thing, but I guess some people do- such as the people’s favorite NBA superbaby, LeBron James. 
Mr. James himself, showing up, wearing two different shoes,
 and trying to look like he knows what's going on.

He tweeted over Cleveland shellacking at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers earlier in the week, when they were beat down by over 50 points.  That’s right, a Cleveland team that is struggling, in the bottom of the Eastern Conference was beaten by the reigning 2-time champion Lakers.  So?  Big flipping deal.  Who cares, honestly?  Cleveland shouldn’t have been able to win that game.  Honestly. 

Now, Miami on the other hand, has 3 future possible hall-of-famers, 3 all-stars, and 3 of the best players in the game today, all on their team.  Even when one of them is out, they are still better than most of the league.  How is then, that this super team, jampacked with egos, G5s, and karma goes in to Denver, to a team in turmoil as they try to hold on to their superstar- AND GET BEAT DOWN?  Seriously?  The Heat got shellshocked last night by the Nuggets, 130-102.  Now, it’s not 50 point win, but 28 points over the high paid, low scoring Heat team is noteworthy, especially when you think about the fact LeBron in his mature ways, had to tweet over Cleveland’s beating.

Miami's new 3 is more exciting than the first 3.
I double checked this morning, Bro-Bro didn’t tweet it last night either.  Why LeBron?  Afraid of what your adoring fans in Cleveland would say?  Or did karma get your tongue?  Maybe next team a team gets beaten, you’ll be an adult and shut your pie hole. 


  1. Lebron seems to never learn. Love the pic of the other 3.

  2. Wouldn't the new 3 actually need to be called the Big 6....lol