08 January 2011

What We Think We Thunk

Going in to today, I'd never picked the Seahawks to beat the Saints, however, I did pick the Jets to go and knock off the Colts.  Matt Hasselbeck proved that on any given Sunday, err, Saturday, anyone can be the day's MVP.  He led his 7-9 Seahawks to a spot no other NFL team has ever been- losers for winners for a day.

As for the Jets.  Rex Ryan said after the game, he finally beat Peyton Manning, now he'll answer questions.

My question is simple- should Caldwell be fired in Indianapolis?  Has he reached the end of the road?


  1. The Seahawks win shocked everyone including NFL experts. The Jets win was not all that surprising even though I pick the Colts. Thats the beauty of football and I love it. As far as the question of should Jim Caldwell be fired in Indy? I say no. Did he made a bonehead move when he challenged the play when he thought that the ball touched Santano Holmes? Yes. But he went to the Super Bowl in his first season and won his first 14 games as a head coach. What he needs to do is address the defense and makes changes there.

  2. jim caldwell has done a great job at indy and should without a doubt remain head coach... this year has been disappointing due to injuries not due to lack of effort or enthusiasm, despite all the injuries and peyton's interceptions, they did make it to the post season. the players respond to coach C, and when everyone is healthy, play well for him. Go Colts!!!