30 July 2011

When is leading by example a positive action?


Answer:  When you are the historic Bungles- I mean, Bengals.

For years I’ve always said that when it comes down to it, players in professional sports are spoiled.  I have felt they forget sometimes that are in fact paid to live a flashy, elegant lifestyle, to play a kid’s game.  Do you remember the chilly Friday nights, crowded in the bleachers of your high school football field to cheer on your classmates?  You’re a junior, and the quarterback under center is the sophomore kid in your AP Biology class that doesn’t talk a lot?  Remember seeing him make that pump fake to draw the DB in just so he could throw over the top to the cutting wideout for the 62 yard touchdown pass to win the game?  We all have stories of the “good ole days” when football was just a game, a game we loved to watch, we loved to play, and at the end of the night when the lights were out, we didn’t get paid to play it.  Now, fast forward to today, we’re grown up and for most of us, we have a job where we count hours, record our time, and at the end of the month look at our pay checks and wonder where it all goes?  There are a few that are more fortunate than those of us, they are professional athletes- the men (and women) who are paid to play a game they we love.  Whether it’s Kobe Bryant from the Lakers, Albert Pujols from the Cardinals, or Peyton Manning from the Colts these athletes are the names we cheer for every time they are on the television.  These athletes who, truth be told, have never had to work a single day in their entire lives, get paid millions of dollars to work, err- play a game for what?  Football- 16 Sundays.  That’s 16 hours of work and they millions of dollar.  Basketball 82 games.  65.5 hours of work.  Wow- almost three full days out of a whole year.

Will we see Palmer throwing to AJ Green?
Seriously though, for years I’ve always wished someone would stand up to these prima donnas and put them in their places.  Does it ever happen?  No, cause at the end of the day it comes down to money for the owners as much as it does the players.  Well, enter Mike Brown, Owner and GM of the Cincinnati Bengals.  He grew up cutting his teeth on pro Football, son of the legendary Paul Brown.  He’s quickly becoming, what I like to call the outlaw, of the NFL.  Four years ago when Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson wanted to be traded and demanded it, he didn’t give in.  He simply said to the fans that Chad had a contract and would fulfill it.  Now, here we are again, familiar script with his once Pro Bowl Quarterback Carson Palmer- a QB I might add that I actually like to watch play.  Carson makes the demand to be traded or he will retire, forcing the hand of owner Mike Brown.  Well, we all know, any owner in his right mind would trade the QB rather than risk losing everything if he did in fact retire.  What does Mike Brown do?  Tells Carson to enjoy retirement!  How can you not applaud this?

Now, I understand- “IT’S A BUSINESS JOEY, AND THE PLAYERS ARE LOOKING OUT FOR THEMSELVES.”  Yeah?  You think so?  OK, go play in a pool of acid if you think that.  Carson is set to make 11.5 million dollars this season for 16 hours of work!  Tell me it’s about business now.  I’ll clean toilets for 11.5 million dollars.  Personally, I stand up and cheer for Mike Brown of the Bengals.  I understand that in the end, a team can cut a player who is under contract, voiding the contract and essentially leaving the player without a job.  SO?  How much money did that player make last season?  11.5 million dollars?  I’m sorry- I feel no sympathy for him.  I bust my tail, 40 hours a week getting up early and working long hours so be able to help support my family, while this spoiled superstar drives around in luxury cars, wearing designer clothes, and still has no idea what hard times are?  Forget it- I’ll never feel sorry for an athlete who loses their job when they whine and cry about things like this.  Won’t happen.  Let him get a real job, where he has to work 2080 hours a year, punching a time sheet.

Anyways, moving on- I think owners do need to start holding players to their contracts.  If a player wants more leverage, work an “early-out” clause in the contract.  Players are catered to so much anyways, that it’s crazy at the end of the day they get to hold out for more money, trades, or whatever else they want.  These guys needs to be grateful for the lavish lifestyle they have, and remember the game might be a “kid’s game,” but they don’t have to act like kids.
They say the Captain goes down with the ship?  Not this one.

Carson Palmer, shut up and play football.  Honor your contract or enjoy the retired life.  Kudos to Mr. Mike Brown for showing us that there still needs to be a little honor in your word.

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  1. Everyone knows that Mike Brown is the worst owner in the NFL. But at the same time what he is doing is to not allow a trend to get started where if a player become unhappy and wants out, he will get his wish granted even though he is still under contract. Personally, i think he should just let Carson Palmer go and start building with the players he has now. Besides Palmer has been an average quarterback.