11 September 2011

NFL Week 1- Projections and Thoughts

  WEEK 1: Projects and Thoughts

Starting with the buttercups:
Bengals and Browns- The Bungles will strike first, but the Browns will get the W.

                            Cleveland by 6.

Eagles and Rams- Mike Vick has reloaded on offense, got a new contract, and ready to show last season wasn't a fluke.

 Philly by 14

Lions and Buccaneers- Matt "China Doll" Stafford is back and ready to show he can stay healthy. Suh is ready to bring the hard hitting D.  Josh Freeman for the Bucs ready to show he's not a one-hit wonder.

 Lions by 5 in a high scoring, low defensive game.

Steelers and Ravens- In what's certain to be a hard hitting, very physical game in Baltimore, look for Baltimore to be ready on 9/11.

 Ravens by 2.

Lastly, Cowboys travel to NY to take on the Jets- The Cowboys are looking to show that last season was an oddity. The Jets are poised to make a playoff run and ready to show it.  On 9/11, NY won't be denied.

 Jets by 12.


  1. I am sadden that you didn't discuss my Texans. I may have to "unfollow" your blog. :)

  2. Laura- your Texans won't need to be talked about this week. They are playing a Colts team without Peyton- should be an easy win for the Texans. Texans by 8.